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You don’t want to join a club you’re not comfortable in, nor do you want to feel out of place do you?
Wouldn’t it be motivating to find other ‘real people’, just working out, not worrying about how good they look doing it?
We believe fitness is for everyone and our mission is to ‘Change Australia for a Healthier Tomorrow’, one suburb, individual or family at a time.
We want everyone to experience the wellbeing, personal satisfaction, energy and vitality that rewards you when participating in a regular fitness program. No to mention that just 3 x 30-40 minute sessions a week, can reduce the likelihood of chronic illnesses like some cancers, heart disease and stroke by a whopping by 68%.

You want to be inspired! You want to be personally catered for! You want to be treated with respect and more than anything you want the results you deserve, don’t you?
You should because you can!
Well if there was such a place that had been doing this for 33 years (so you know they must be doing something right) have a team to MENTOR (Mentor stands for our ‘PUSH_ Professional Training System’ to Motivate, Educate, Nutritionally Educate, Train, Others Support, Results orientated) you, would it be in your best interest to just give it a go….Results guaranteed or your old body back!
Viva Fitness will Inspire you to live YOUR Best Life and help you make IT Happen!

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