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Vivia Fitness - Adelaides Best Gym Atmosphere

Start Here With a 10 Day Mini Membership

Welcome to Adelaide's Largest Family Owned Gym

Viva Fitness is located in Kidman Park, Adelaide, and for 35 years has delivered a great family atmosphere and an awesome variety of fitness training programs to motivate YOUR results!

If you looking for a gym near you lot's of our members come from Fulham Gardens, Lockleys, Henley Beach, Seaton, Flinders Park and Grange. We have more services than most other Adelaide gyms, we find people are travelling from all over to participate.
Some of the services we provide include;
  • A 24/7 area to train anytime day or night
  • A ladies only gym
  • An online nutrition and training program
  • Small group 'team training' and 1-1 results based personal training

What We Do

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 Club Champion and Head Trainer Dion, who is also in the Viva business partnership, says:

“We don’t just offer a facility but also results. This means we need great programs but more importantly great people. Therefore to me it just makes sense to lead the way and that’s why you find us on the front desk answering questions and engaging with our members.

You see all Viva’s key people have fitness backgrounds and this way we can answer questions, provide solutions and offer so much more in the way of real fitness service. This has been our family’s way, so it’s now the Viva family’s way and we just love working with our members to get results. It’s truly a wonderful career to inspire people daily to live their best life!

I encourage you to come try us and that’s why we created the 30 days for $79 trial. Try everything from all Les Mill’s group fitness programs, a 1-1 personal program and even your first month of small group training included. We also offer our online ultimate Body Blitz Program.  This program includes training, education, and a full nutrition program. My wife Kristy and sister Laryssa operate this program, so if weight loss is your focus then these women have been there. They have lost over 35 kilos together after having children, will share their secrets in getting results and help you join over 1000 others since 2002.

One other point to mention is that we cater programs so you can choose (much like a meal at a restaurant) what you want beyond this trial and we have the flexibility to make it work.  Being a small family club, we help our members find the right solution for them!

So please come and try us with no contract or joining fee; now is a great time to try before you buy.

Experience the Viva difference for yourself… and get your old body back.

See you at the club!

Dion & The Viva Team

Making it happen and changing lives today

Push Training Client at Viva Fitness

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