VIVA FITNESS - January 2011


30 Jan

I am always looking for intteresting articles that may motivate or inspire our Viva blog readers. This article is simply aimed at keeping you in the loop of health and fitness for 2011. As a business owner it is necessary for our club to keep up with these trends and ensure we are offering great […]

23 Jan

So what are whole foods? These are foods that are eaten as close to their natural form as possible, with minimal processing and refinement. Examples include fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, unprocessed fish, lean meat, oats and other whole grains. They can be cooked, mind you, without being “processed.” Eating a meal comprised mostly of whole foods […]

15 Jan

3 Hours of Vigorous Activity a Week Associated With a 61% Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer-Specific Death, Researchers Say Men diagnosed with prostate cancer may be able to reduce their risk of death not just from prostate cancer but from any cause by exercising vigorously for at least three hours per week, new research indicates. A […]

02 Jan

Why do you need them? Fat has received a lot of bad publicity in recent years, and because of this fat is often more misunderstood than carbohydrates. The low fat, high carb craze started in the 1980s, and since then most western countries adopting this eating philosophy have been getting fatter and recording increasingly higher […]

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