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26 Oct

Hi again, As October is Cancer Awareness month and here at Viva we are having “Girls Night In” this Friday 28th October 2011, thought I would share with you a truly inspirational book by Bill Henderson, “Cancer Free”.  If you have had cancer, or are going through it or know somebody who is (and I’m sure most of […]

19 Oct

Hi All, Today I want to talk about something very close to my heart.  Five years ago my mother died of lung cancer.  Since then, I have spent a lot of my time researching this disease, especially as many of my relatives have also died or have been diagnosed with cancer.   I have lost 3 […]

12 Oct

Hi all, A growing amount of research shows that strength training has an anti-ageing effect, together with alot of other benefits too, for all age groups.  Our members at Viva would already know this, as I’m sure Dion and all our trainers continually drum this into you.  For those of you out there that don’t […]

10 Oct

For many people a day at work is synonymous with a day of sitting at a desk burning little or no calories in the process. What few people stop to realise is that if you simply burned 50 more calories each workday you would lose 2 kilos in one year. Believe it or not, burning […]

05 Oct

Hi there, As a follow on from # 1, today I want to give you the 10 secrets of long-lifers, according to Dr John Tickell, as published in the Sunday Mail.  He has travelled all over the world and talked to lots of people and observed their lifestyles, daily habits and outlooks on life.  The ones that interested […]

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