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30 Oct
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Ingredients: Soy Balsamic Olive oil Basil Ginger Garlic Salt and Pepper Method: Make a marinade of 50-50 soy and balsamic, add a ½ teaspoon or less of garlic, chilli and ginger each. Add some olive oil, salt and pepper and shread a bunch of basil into the mix. Marindae the snapper cutlets (approx 200 grams […]

17 Oct

Viva Biggest Comp #1 Coming Soon!

17 Oct
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Let me tell you about my last month as Head trainer at Viva Fitness! I am sitting here in Geelong with colleague and student but more importantly mate ‘Anthony Bynoe’, at breakfast who says to me “It’s been a big month or more hasn’t it”? And it dawned on me that I suppose it has… […]

10 Oct

This event is for those of you who really want to see how far you can take your body to look like a ‘superstar’! For the men it’s about getting ‘ripped’ and for the ladies it’s about getting super lean and sexy in the fitness model class. I believe this would have to be the […]

08 Oct
Adelaide Kickboxing

Getting in the cage for a full combat fight is certainly a big deal and our frontline leader ‘Anthony Bynoe’ had been getting ready for this event, since his last bout in March. This was Anthony’s third professional bout and I had been helping him with his stand up kickboxing. Anthony is a great learner. […]

04 Oct

What a great day City to bay is! Each year the Viva crew gear up and participate and each year we have great success. Some of the stand-out efforts were Kane Jauntis and Michelle Rozee. Michelle who I believe is a ‘respiratory scientist’, has dropped over 20 kilograms since competing in the event 4 years […]

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