VIVA FITNESS - December 2016


20 Dec

Detoxification occurs best while we are asleep because that’s when the body starts to rebuild and regenerate its tissues. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver, which represents the main detoxification organ, functions optimally between 1am and 3am. Therefore, we need to ensure that proper conditions are present for effective detoxification to occur. One requirement […]

19 Dec

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of bringing home a new shirt or pair of pants from the store and wearing them, sans washing. It’s very common, maybe even typical, as many fabrics look pristine when they’re fresh off the rack. You probably assume they’re clean or at least relatively so, but tests conducted by […]

13 Dec

DIETING AND FEELING MOODY, IRRITABLE AND BLAH? When my metabolism was at its all-time low, (as a result of comp dieting on low cals and low carbs) every day felt blah, some days I felt so low I doubted I would ever see sunshine again. I thought I had to be tougher, I had to […]

12 Dec

I’m pretty sure we can all pick out that one person who is a consistent negative ninny. The one person who we think sees the glass half empty, but who insists that they are just a hard-edged realist. For me, it is one my school mates, Michelle. Things are never good enough for Michelle and […]

12 Dec

Team Machine! Our 45 Minute Functional Training classes pack a real punch!! Check it out in the video and come try a class sometime! Why wait until next year, get a head start on 2017… ask us how  #TeamMachine #WarriorTraining  

07 Dec

We love great multi-taskers! Apple Cider Vinegar is no exception. This great tonic has been used since biblical times to help with a number of different ailments including common colds and infections, kidney stones, high blood pressure, allergies, arthritis and more! Japanese Samurai, Roman soldiers and military groups throughout history have used apple cider vinegar as an […]

07 Dec
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Warrior Small Group Training

05 Dec

Every year at VIVA, we ask our fabulous members to donate to a charity – under our Christmas Tree. This year, we have chosen “Shoe Boxes of Love” as our chosen charity. Shoe Boxes of Love  is dedicated to providing love and hope to those affected by Australian disasters. ​Shoe Boxes of Love provide love, […]

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