17 Dec

We have some changes to our operating hours and classes over the Christmas and New Year Break. See Group Fitness Timetable and Warriors timetables here..  

03 Dec

Every year here at VIVA our family will use the love and generosity of our wonderful members to help those in need. This year we have chosen to help disaster victims, by donating to Shoeboxes of Love. WHAT IS SHOE BOXES OF LOVE? Shoe Boxes of Love  is dedicated to providing love and hope to those […]

03 Dec
cannanbis kills cancer

Can Cancer be killed by Cannabis? I came across this cancer article and felt like this may be something worth sharing with the VIVA Community. Information is knowledge. Enjoy x The therapeutic potential of cannabis appears limitless, extending far beyond just relieving nausea or pain in the terminally ill. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist from […]

03 Dec

Are Deodorants Really Linked to Breast Cancer? In the US, about one in every eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. These type of shocking statistics make most of us question what it is that we could be doing that is potentially contributing to negative health effects. One such product that […]

21 Nov

Whether Your in A Gym Adelaide or Not Here are 10 Tips to Get You Toned Now! Viva Gym Adelaide will always go above and beyond for our members and these tips have been tried and tested to get results. Good bodies are not for everyone- It’s tough! Set a timeframe and be realistic. Simply put some […]

20 Nov
get in shape

10 Tips to Get Toned Fast Part 2 Before reading this have you read 10 Tips to Get Toned Fast Part 1?  More importantly have  you employed what you learnt in Part 1? If not read it again here  Viva Fitness 10 Tips To Get Toned Fast Now for part 2. But if you want more […]

10 Nov
get toned fast with clean whey

100% Natural VEGAN PLANT Protein Powder Containing an excellent amino acid profile, Trilogy 100% Natural VEGAN Plant Protein Powder is a premium vegetarian, plant based protein made using a blend of hexane-free, non-GMO sprouted BROWN RICE that is enzymatically extracted from the whole grain using a low heat process as well as YELLOW PEA, which is […]

07 Nov

Festive Season Nutrition Planning Doesn’t Need to be That hard! These festive season nutrition tips will give you flexibility, while giving you good guidelines to use over this coming festive season. Moderation is the key with your festive season nutrition plan! Being too rigid in your thinking might swing you towards ‘all or nothing’ mentality. […]

17 Oct
weight loss plan

 Lean Body Eating Is Do-able! Lean Body Eating Requires a little planning and focus but the results are deifintely worth it! According to the precision nutrition system, counting calories is over rated and for most people just not necessary. I tend to agree unless you are in a small amount of the population going ‘super […]

08 Oct

Coffee & Cake and a Wellness Presentation to be held 10.30am THURSDAY OCT 12th Join us in conversation corner Thursday Oct 12th at 10.30am for our next installment of our Coffee & Catchups! Have a hot coffee, while Eloise whips up a yummy cake for us to nibble on, while we watch a presentation from our own […]

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