VIVA FITNESS - January 2017


23 Jan

In the modern era, we are exposed to many different harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Workplaces and restaurants all have to adhere to certain safety measures to ensure that workers and customers alike are not exposed to dangerous amounts of these substances. However, just as many toxic chemicals can be found in your home […]

18 Jan

This is Functional Training Functional training is 45 minutes and is also known as team training here at Viva Fitness. The video below is a great description of how it works in just 45 minutes. Why Team Training? Its Fun- Classes are run in a team setting making it an encouraging environment You will be […]

18 Jan

Check Out the 8 Week Challenge and Try Out the Viva Fitness Difference! You can particpate in everything our club has to offer and have access to Small Group Team Training with your own coach helping you through your first 8 weeks! This program caters for beginners to advanced as we always assess and individualise […]

17 Jan

6 points on your body you can press to help eliminate cravings and lose weight  If you’ve tried losing weight, you know that it can help you find stress. And this is something no one wants. Dieting doesn’t help because you restrict your intake, fight natural urges, and just get more stressed out. Instead out […]

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