24 Hour Fitness… Everyone Can Do 2 Sessions and Reap Rewards!

24 Hour Fitness… Everyone Can Do 2 Sessions P/wk and Benefit!

24 Hour Fitness has made accesibility to gyms so much easier in the last 10 years. Seriously, every guy can do 2 sessions per week and lift weights to build a better version of themselves. But not just the guys… Woman too!

Normally gyms talk about quick fixes and tips but this article is one that’s close to my heart.  We all should make time to do strength training! I am not going to rabble on about about the benefits but click here if you’d like. 

In short why should we lift 2 x per week? Well, a well planned but simple program that has you focussing on the big exercises will make you;

  • Perform life better- allowing you the ability to do more!
  • Look better
  • Decrease ageing

Have you been stronger before? How did you feel? Were you more confident? Maybe you were more willing to jump in to tasks that you now think twice about?

The fact is well you are stronger means you are a) moving more and b) doing positive things for your body and therefore mental outlook. When your body is getting nourished through exercise and blood flow it works better and we all know life is ‘tough’ and not much ‘fun’ with a broken body.

24 hour fitness

A point to think about is that people often go too hard when they start and then get burnt out. I am asking you to look at this differently and find a way to fit it in for life! Seriously we have so many over 50’s here who come and do this now, who wish they started at 30! So find time for 2 x strength sessions per week and again the 24 hour fitness room is a great way to help you fit it in.

So what do you do?

Well the key is a well planned program that includes the big lifts. This might take 12 months for you to even be able to perform. Squats, presses, deadlifts and chin ups are the exercises we want to work towards, as they have the biggest crossover to ‘kickin ass’ in life!

I love writing programs for the general population to move and feel good. This is what it might look like…

A1 Trap Bar Deadlifts 3 x 5 with

A2 Core Planks 3 x 60 brace

B1 Chin Up (or any variation) with 2 x 5

B2 Split Squat (or variation) 2 x 8-12

C1 Incline Dumbell Press 2 x 8-10 with

C2 Seated Row 2 x 12-15

This is just one example of a well rounded program that has you moving all over and preparing you for life’s tasks. It takes no more than 30 minutes, with a mobility warm up (at the start try include spidermans, walking lunges and leg swings) and some targeted stretching at the end.

Seriously you can do this and like I said before,  try it for 6 months and see how you feel! Training at the club 2 x per week is less than $8 a visit, so it’s affordable.

More importantly it’s necessary to kick life in the butt on the weekends and it’s extremely enjoyable!

I would be happy to help you set up a plan so reach out at and receive your 6th session FREE.

Make it happen

P.s here is an awesome beginners program if you want to read more. Jim’s an awesome writer and inspiring guy!



Disclaimer: Results reflect a dedicated fitness regime and may vary from person to person
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