Muscle Building Meals- Slow Cooker

Muscle Building Meals are Easier Than You Think!

Introducing ‘Muscle Building Meals’ with the slow cooker.

First go and get a slow cooker! Get a timer on it, so once it’s done it switches over to timer setting. It’s easy!

Second try this or simply google it! Try these  here at men’s health

Muscle building ‘meat and veg’

muscle building meals

  1. Get  some Protein. Say 2 kilo because you want 10 serves!  Beef, chicken breasts, a pork scotch fillet etc. Salt, pepper, toss it in.
  2. Choose your vegetables. Get some and chop them up then throw them in. Frozen veggies work too.
  3. Dice up some sweet potatoes or some butternut (any kind) and add them to the pot. Can use white potato but it depends if you are keen on excess calories.
  4. Add liquid. Water works but I suggest stock, any kind: beef, chicken, or vegetable.
  5. Herbage. Use whatever is handy. Dried stuff is fine but fresh oregano, thyme, rosemry is heary and so good for you.
  6. In the morning, turn your cooker on low for 7-8 hours. Go and get your day done- smash it! Come home and it’ll be hot and ready.  make a fresh salad to get some freshness in to you and store the leftovers for later.

More on lean body eating here with a great grocery list of essentials to make your favourite muscle building meals!


  1. Before you go to bed, toss a cup or two of steel cut oats in the slow cooker. For every cup of oats, add three cups of water. Add a pinch of salt.
  2. If you want, add a couple of bananas, apples, or a bag of frozen berries or peaches.
  3. Using the low setting, set the timer for around 6-7 hours. Go to bed.
  4.  Eat and store becasue your have several days sorted!

There it is. Delicious and simple the way you want it!

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Disclaimer: Results reflect a dedicated fitness regime and may vary from person to person
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