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10 Tips To Get Toned Fast- Part 2

10 Tips to Get Toned Fast Part 2

Before reading this have you read 10 Tips to Get Toned Fast Part 1?  More importantly have  you employed what you learnt in Part 1? If not read it again here  Viva Fitness 10 Tips To Get Toned Fast

Now for part 2. But if you want more detail check out the bodyblitz for a done for you action plan

6  Eat your veggies- power-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants veggies also contain fibre, which helps fill you up for longer. It will also burn more energy when metabolizing these foods. The foods that contain water like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers etc, can be consumed till your content.  The veggies that contain more starch like potato and corn can be consumed as your carbohydrate portion of a given meal. This is a much better carbohydrate form than processed whole grains, like breads, for fat loss.

Eat natural- Your body’s metabolism is designed to breakdown the foods you consume, so don’t interfere by doing this job for your body. For instance, eating potatoes as mash, peeling your fruit and veggies and overcooking will all deplete the nutrient value of your food. Why? It makes it easier for your body to digest, which means you burn ‘less’ calories in the process. Eating natural means you eat fresh foods, with minimal human interference. Thus  turning your body into a ‘fat burning machine’! TIP: When shopping, walk outside the isles, as that is where the fresh foods are and spend little time inside the isles!

What about carbs?

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8 Yes Reduce your carbohydrates- there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate but there are essential proteins and fats. It is human instinct to crave meats for this reason but it is human behaviour to crave sugars. Why? Because of the hormonal response when eating sugars, your body ‘learns’ to crave them. However this is a craving you have acquired, not by necessity! Carbohydrates are energy foods and even though whole grains contain great amounts of B vitamins, so do dairy and meats. Carbohydrates should be eaten based on your energy requirements. There is no need to eat large amounts unless you exercise at high intensity for large amounts! Try to keep carbohydrate consumption around exercise and remove from late night snacks. Make veggies your carbohydrate of choice.

How about fat?

Watch your fats- Fats are essential but remember they still count as fat. With 9 calories to every gram of fat compared to 4 calories to every gram of protein/ carbohydrate, it is easy to see that you can eat a lot more food containing protein and carbs compared to fat. When eating fats, a daily requirement would be a 200 gram serve of fish,  a teaspoon of olive oil, 1/8th  of avocado, 20 cashews, 10 walnuts, and some pumpkin or sunflower seeds or dairy.

10 Drink more water- What If i was to tell you there is one supplement that can make you stronger, feel better and improve your skin, energy, performance, concentration and overall health? Would you go out and pay $100 right now ? Most of us would right? It amazes me how many people do not understand the relationship between health and drinking everyday natural WATER. 1% dehydration can is a 10% strength loss. This would be a 45kilo squat compared to 50 kilo. Say you do three sets of 10 then you are lifting 150kilograms less weight in that workout! Read upcoming articles on why you need water later this month. For now drink 1litre per 25 kilograms of weight!

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