5 Reasons meal replacements don’t work

Hi Guys

So a lovely young woman by the name of Casey has asked me to give you guys some info about meal replacements and their benefits…..

Well look at it this way, meal replacements are a great way to help ‘inspire’ some fat loss in the early stages, as they will help you;

  1.  formulate a plan,
  2. eat less,
  3.  discipline yourself
  4. give yourself regular nutrients,
  5. Oh and of course they are convenient, but so is a drive through!

The fact is healthy, happy people work at being that way  each day, and meal replacements tend to be a part of a diet.  Although they may help in the beginning of a weight loss program, what’s going to happen when you dive back into the REAL world? That’s why they should only be used with the right intention and be understood.

  • They’re fake and synthetic- this is not a wholesome and natural strategy to weight loss, its a fad. Seriously, stop looking for just today and start educating yourself about health and nutrition needs for life.
  • What do you do when you forget it or when you don’t have it? Does your diet stop? Does this mean that Macca D’s is on the table again? By looking at healthy improvements you can always be assured to make healthy decisions if you choose to and thus, achieve healthy results.
  • They’re associated with diets. The fittest people chip away at it day in and day out and have peace of mind rather than riding the dieting roller coaster and be faced with the many emotional lows connected with this behaviour.
  • They’re boring and expensive. Think about a tasty lunch that’s healthy and colourful and then think of a meal replacement. That gritty, creamy, gunk…Yum. If you like to cook then this will not fit into your lifestyle.
  • They don’t have the affect on your metabolism that real food does. Real food needs to be broken down by the body and this uses energy and is a great way to burn extra calories by adding protein and fibre to each meal. A meal replacement has already done a lot of the body’s work for you so they do not have the same affect.

Many studies are inconclusive regarding the affects, as they are normally in conjunction with strict exercise regimes and normally on participants well overweight. Finally, nutritionists recognize that most of the participants have tended to fall back into poor habits after the program due to the lack of real life education.

Protein shakes on the other hand have been studied and are conclusive that they provide your body with the building blocks to grow and repair muscle.

So instead of wasting money on fad meal replacements, buy a good quality whey protein and ensure to have this either 60 minutes before training for the weight gainer or 45 minutes after for the weight loser.

Happy healthy eating!

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