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Try a Healthy Sweet Alternative

These Healthy Sweet Alternatives Make a Great Breakfast Too!

Want something after dinner? A healthy sweet alternative perhaps?  Or do you need to prepare a breakfast the night before?

Often people get stuck on how to enjoy some variance in meal plans, without the guilt. Therefore, too often, we resort back to easy, on the go snacks, like crisps, pretzels, chocolate’s and more. Today we have some solutions which can be prepared in advance and are all whole foods, which don’t carry the health associated risks of indulging in refined sugars and table salt.

These options below were prepared and presented at Viva fitness recently by our ‘food mentor’ and masterchef Eloise Jury who also does some catering on the side. You can reach her here

Coconut and Chia Breakfast Pudding

400ml Coconut milk (or any plant based milk)

¼ cup chia seeds

1 Tb coconut sugar

Combine all together, stir occasionally over 30 minutes

Portion into cups or containers

Finish with your choice of toppings

(Mango, pomegranate, mixed toasted seeds, fresh berries etc)

Chocolate and Chia Pudding is an Awesome Healthy Sweet

400ml Coconut milk (or any plant based milk)

¼ cup chia seeds

2 Tb coconut sugar

1 ½ Tb Dutch Cocoa Powder

Combine coconut milk and cocoa and mix until well combines (no lumps)

Add remaining ingredients

Stir occasionally over 30 minutes

Portion into cups or containers

Finish with Raspberries, whipped coconut cream and cocoa nibs

Cinnamon Granola (1kg)

160g maple syrup

1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract

2 Tablespoons coconut oil, melted

75g shredded coconut

275g oats

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp sea salt

175g almonds (and or walnuts)

75g pumpkin seeds

75g sunflower seeds

60g cranberries (optional)

Pre-heat oven to 170 / Line a baking try with baking paper

Place the wet ingredients into a bowl

Place dry ingredients into another bowl

Combine all ingredients

Spread onto lined tray and bake for 35minutes

Add cranberries when cooled (optional)


Check out some great healthy breakfast options here

Health and fitness is a mindset and one that is followed with small practices! Allow yourself to change one thing at a time and enjoy learning more ways to better what you ae currently doing. Be positive and Make it happen!

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