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One positive thing from joining the PUSH_body Transformation challenge has been forming new social connections and involving myself more in the club.
I’ve been training at Viva (and even KP Fitness!!) for years, and always did my thing solo.
Even as a sociable person, training used to be about getting in, getting it done and getting out.
I work with people all day long and my emotional energy cup is often full at the end of the day so it was easier to just train by myself.
Joining more Warriors group training sessions and taking time to connect with people in these groups, has made me feel more a part of the club and increased my motivation. Somehow, I now seem to be at the gym 5 times a week (🤷‍♀️💪) and I look forward to saying hello to regular faces, and now, new friends 😁
It’s so empowering being surrounded by like-minded people, wherever they are on their fitness journey 💕

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