Speaking Beginner Fitness – EP#1 Why most people fail!

We Speak Beginner Fitness! Episode 1

Why most people fail!! Beginner fitness explained:

In the video below I will explain why most fail and my 3 topics are outlined below. We value any feedback so please share your thought here at dion@vivafitness.com.au

Fitness- 3 Things You Should Know!

1- They start out with great intentions but the wrong ‘why’ they choose to exercise. We explore the right why’s and what you can do.

2- They think exercise needs to be hard or for a designated timeframe. We explain this is not the case and in fact small pockets lead to more total accumulation of movement.

beginner fitness
3- They are too hard on themselves and feel like ‘if i miss a session or don’t do x, I fail.’

Life’s a journey and try reframing the word ‘failure’ to ‘lesson. These are just lessons and if you learn from them, you can keep moving forward with less baggage. This will lead to more productivity in all areas of life.

We hope this helps you re-evaluate your relationship with fitness and tweak it for success.

For more on this topic go visit our blog page http://www.vivafitness.com.au/tims-beg…/

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This will help every beginner make it easier to choose great recipes, get support from our team and remember what your coaches have shared with you.

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