Bodyweight Exercise to Support Your Fitness at Home

So You Want To Learn More About Bodyweight Exercise?

Bodyweight exercise is a great fitness tool to add to your toolbox as it needs little space and uses your body to move in a way in which it’s designed.

Primal movements such as roll, sit, crawl, walk, squat to stand and so on are honestly forgotten by most adults in todays world. Never before have we had so many tools to allow us to avoid basic movement. With cars, buses, trains and desks occupying many minutes of our daily routine, the basics of primal movement is simply no longer required.

But what if it is? What if I were to say to you that by simply getting to the floor and rolling around a little more often you could offset many of todays common injuries like back pain? You see many people are stiff and sore, not from working too hard but by moving too little. And when they do move it’s generally not well! So the body then compensates with a poor movement pattern and this can lead to injury. Another example of a vicious cycle, right?

How to use bodyweight exercise?

Well I am not saying that this is the wonder movement to fix all, but I am saying that we can add such movements into our day as a morning 5 minute stretch to prepare your body for the day.

This can also be used as:

  1. A High intense warm up
  2. A finisher to your training day. Try 30 on 30 off intervals of each exercise
  3. A Recovery Day
  4. A full body home workout or when travelling

Check out the vieos below where we have broken each exercises day as well as shown a version of using these as an interval. This had stav working well above 70% heart rate giving here a training effect.

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