09 Aug

Have you decided to give yourself a fitness kickstart? This time of year see’s many of us get up off the couch and make a decision to take a fitness kickstart. Perhaps there is discussion of the staff xmas party? Or you have an end of year holiday planned? Whatever it is this checklist has […]

08 Aug

Do You Have Time to Exercise? Most people often believe they do not have enough time to exercise. This can be a common concern but today we address great ways to include activity in your plan.

07 Aug

So how did Melissa Lose Kilos? She Lost 20 actually! Melissa came in to lose kilo’s and through a dedicated 5 day routine which consisted of weights with 20 minutes activity afterwards as well as  2 team training sessions, she managed to find a fitness routine that worked! Here’s a bit on what she had […]

22 Jul

We’re Hiring- Membership Consultant and Personal Trainers The do’er not gona! The team player not player! The ordianry everyday jo who does the extra in EXTRAordinary! Seriously cliches aside…. We aim to ‘Change Lives and help others make it happen’! Do you think you that’s you? Maybe you could make people smile from reception? Perhaps […]

18 Jul

Tania’s Fitness Routine Finding a fitness routine can be difficult! Especially upon setting out. There can be many obstacles in the way. Kids, work, past setbacks etc, just to name a few. BUT it can be done! Tania is a mother of 2 and she came to Viva to find such a routine. She also […]

12 Jun
one pot beef

Gym meal- One Pot of Beef 309 Cals per serve 15 min.prep time 25 time 2serves Check out a version of this with a little more taste in the slow cooker. Ingredients: 1 kg Lean beef mince (get your steak from the butcher and ask to mince) 1 cup water 2 cup salsa 2 […]

04 Jun
free group fitness classes

Free Group Fitness Classes – Member Appreciation Month So this month we show appreciation to our members and all members can bring a mate for ‘free group fitness classes’. Click here to register for your FREE PASS. Beyond the  normal advice and support we have arranged the following for you! You can bring a mate […]

21 May

Over 50’s Fitness Classes We love seeing the over 50’s fitness classes run here at Viva Fitness.  This program has absolutely boomed over the past 2 years since our clubs partner and director Dennis O’Donnell, has taken it upon himself to encourage, support and promote this program to his peers. Check out his program below […]

10 Apr

Did you know fitness builds resilience and in turn confidence! Fitness builds resilience and the term ‘Psychological resilience’ refers to the differences between people in how they respond and cope with difficult or stressful situations. People who are highly resilient are empowered to act confidently in a stressful situation, are less affected from stress, recover […]

06 Mar
anytime fitness is tough think energy

Anytime Fitness is Found to be Tough Remember Your Why! Life is tough but it’s important to remember whats important and anytime fitness is found to be a ‘chore’ and not a ‘gift’ its time to re-prioritise. You start out guns blazing and all systems go! Your pumped amped and ready… Then life kicks in. […]

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