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19 Dec

Group Fitness Classes- Western Suburbs “Group Fitness Classes are a great way to stay in shape and are great fun”, says Group Fitness Classes leader, Janice Bynoe. “We find that even when you feel a little sluggish and perhaps lack some motivation, that by joining group fitnesss classes, you always walk out feeling, accomplished and […]

04 Jun
free group fitness classes

Free Group Fitness Classes – Member Appreciation Month So this month we show appreciation to our members and all members can bring a mate for ‘free group fitness classes’. Click here to register for your FREE PASS. Beyond the  normal advice and support we have arranged the following for you! You can bring a mate […]

30 May

Winter Fitness Programs Don’t be another statistic this year and go backwards this winter. Join our winter fitness programs and have fun whilst seeing change! Did you know the average Australian packs on 2.5 kilo’s each winter. Not on our watch! That’s why we have put together winter fitness programs starting with the ‘6 week […]

11 Jul

Kickboxing Is A Great Way To Get Fit! Do You Want To Get Fitter, Stronger and Have More Confidence? Then Kickboxing could be for you! Kickboxing is a great way to get involved with fitness. It covers all the fitness variables and more importantly it gives you a skill for life! I personally have been […]

01 Feb

This is a great way to try our Adelaide based gym and feel fitness for free. All Local areas are invited to their local club, so if you are in Fulham, Lockleys, Henley, Flinders park and so on… Come on down with your kids for a play! There will be member awards as a part […]

18 Jan

This is Functional 45 Minute Training and it’s the latest in Team training in 2017. There’s over 55 classes to partcipate in plus a whole plethora of group/ team training classes on now!

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