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04 Jun

I came into Viva yesterday to do a Sunday morning workout, prior to engaging in a great afternoon of food and entertainment at my best man’s daughters christening and heard a dynamic instructor of ours really having just a great time with her RPM class. What makes this instructor so great is that she was […]

02 Jun
adelaide gym
09 Mar
push training

You have a difficult time staying consistent with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits. This is the motherlode of all problems. According to research, roughly 65% of women (and likely a lot more) struggle with staying consistent. And it’s not like they’re complete exercise beginners. Here’s what most women have tried before getting results with us: […]

11 Jan

A new year, may mean a new workout, something to freshen up your drive to get out and get exercising. Hot fitness trends for 2014 include high-intensity interval training like CrossFit and P90X and body-weight training such as push-ups, pull-ups and planks.   Read the rest of the blog here

17 Oct
gym near me

Let me tell you about my last month as Head trainer at Viva Fitness! I am sitting here in Geelong with colleague and student but more importantly mate ‘Anthony Bynoe’, at breakfast who says to me “It’s been a big month or more hasn’t it”? And it dawned on me that I suppose it has… […]

10 Oct

This event is for those of you who really want to see how far you can take your body to look like a ‘superstar’! For the men it’s about getting ‘ripped’ and for the ladies it’s about getting super lean and sexy in the fitness model class. I believe this would have to be the […]

08 Oct
Adelaide Kickboxing

Getting in the cage for a full combat fight is certainly a big deal and our frontline leader ‘Anthony Bynoe’ had been getting ready for this event, since his last bout in March. This was Anthony’s third professional bout and I had been helping him with his stand up kickboxing. Anthony is a great learner. […]

11 Jul

If I was to ask you, “how would you rate your efforts out of ten, towards your current fitness goal”, what would you say? The last thing you want is to go backwards over winter isn’t it? So ask yourself this question now. Now ask yourself “what is the number you are going to achieve […]

20 Mar

What is ‘Extraordinary’ living? Experiencing- Find some joy daily. What are you grateful for? If you struggle with this the try writing 5 things daily or telling someone. Feeling- Comfortable and contentment. We are never where we want to be and when we are, we should cherish this time, in order to experience greater fulfillment! […]

08 Mar

This week I want to share with you my opinion about success. Success is a journey, it is a culmination of our fears and our failures and how we can overcome them. In success we learn more about failing than anything else, as each failure is a step closer to succeeding. There are studies going […]

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