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30 Apr

 These Top Fitness Tips Will Help You Discover the Key Ingredients to Unlock Your Success! Are you ready to elevate your game and seize the day? Dion’s top fitness tips for achieving success isn’t just about setting lofty goals—it’s about taking action and embracing a lifestyle that sets you up for triumph every single day. […]

28 May
Adelaide Kickboxing

Boxing Lessons in the Ukraine Were Humbling I love to plan holidays around exercise! So boxing lessons when vivisting the Ukraine (the moherland) with my father certainly interested me! It just makes me feel good and is a great way to learn and bring back new skillsets to pass on to trainers and clients. I […]

12 Jun

Tims Beginner Gym Tips So Tim gives his beginner gym tips that saw him turn his life around! Tim started at Viva in September 2017 weighing over 93 kilos and generally unhappy with how his life was going. He felt he needed some help to get his life back on track and actually gave away […]

11 Jul

Local Gym Owner and Coach, Dion Shares 3 Tips on Fat Loss Are you finding yourself hungry in the afternoons? Well most people do. Now what can you do about it, so you have more energy and better focus during your day? Plus help with old jelly belly… Local Gym Owner Dion, shares top tips that […]

17 May

Priorities- How to Beat Dad Bod Tip #2 How often do we turn around and say we are too busy? Is this true or are we simply not focussing on the priorities that make a difference in a log run? If you didnt see Dad Bod Tip 1 see here. Priorities. As Stephen Covey writes […]

08 May

My wife has asked me to start a blog for the guys (as she has the woman covered) so I wanted to touch on something that I get often… ‘The man I got a gut’ comment. This is also known as ‘Dad bod’. Its true! One day you wake up and say, “Man, I got […]

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