09 Aug

Quick Healthy Meals- Meatballs We love  quick healthy meals and our oriental meatballs pack a punch and with only 280 calories per serve, this dish makes a whopping 6 meals! Packed with protein, give it a shot to make ahead of meal times and it freezes perfectly. so freeze to reheat in future. Oriental Meatballs […]

25 Jun
turkey burger

Here Are 3 Awesome Snacks to Help You Feel Great and in Shape. I have so many awesome snacks to use and eggs are a favourite,  as they are a complete source of protein and just delicious. But recently i have been using these with success for our members. Besides these you can also log […]

20 Feb
one pot beef

Muscle Building Meals are Easier Than You Think! Introducing ‘Muscle Building Meals’ with the slow cooker. First go and get a slow cooker! Get a timer on it, so once it’s done it switches over to timer setting. It’s easy! Second try this or simply google it! Try these  here at men’s health Muscle building […]

01 Mar

Collagen-rich bone broth and antioxidant-packed turmeric meet in this savory soup. Full of hearty vegetables and easy, 5-ingredient meatballs, this hearty soup comforts on even the coldest days. With ample amounts of minerals and amino acids, bone broth is a go-to for many people plagued with gut issues, joint issues, or anyone looking to improve their overall health. As a […]

30 Sep
nutrition adelaide

                Looking for something tasty to cook up that tastes great and is healthy too? Check out our top five healthy recipes to help you decide what to cook. 1. Chilli Prawn Stir Fry  2. Chilli Chicken and Quinoa Salad 3. Lamb Koftas with Tzatziki   4. Grilled Vegetable Baguette […]

12 May
healthy recipe

Chili Prawn Stir Fry 290 Cal per serve 4 serves Ingredients: 600g fresh prawns peeled and deveined. Tails left on. 1 small medium heat chili deseeded and chopped 2 tsp ground coriander seed 250g fresh rice noodles Olive oil spray . 2 tsp olive oil 800g fresh mixed stir fry vegetables (sugar snap peas, baby […]

19 Apr
chicken quinoa salad

Honey Chilli Chicken and Quinoa Salad- YUMM!!! approx 450 Cal per serve 20 min.prep time 20 time 3 serves  Ingredients: 500g Chicken breasts 1/4 tsp salt, pepper 1/4 cup olive oil 3 tbsp chill sauce 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp dijon mustard 1tbsp honey mustard 2 tbsp fresh corriander 4 garlic cloves For the […]

23 Mar
healthy beef recipe

Ingredients: 1 kg Lean beef mince (get your steak from the butcher and ask to mince) 1 cup water 2 cup salsa 2 can diced tomaotoes 2 cup corn optional 2 cup carrots optional 2 cup mushroom 2 clove garlic onion and chilli flakes 2 tablespoon oregano add with beef and use s&p Cooking instructions: […]

20 Dec

There’s no reason to undo all of the hard work you’ve put in during the year, just because it’s Christmas! Follow these TOP 10 XMAS TIPS to help keep YOU looking good this festive season and be fit ‘n fabulous, ready for the new year. 1. Shop wisely Plan your Christmas menu, as well as […]

04 Dec
grilled eggplant

Ingredients: Canola oil 1/2 eggplant, cut into 5mm‐thick slices 1 zucchini, cut into 5mm‐thick slices 1 red capsicum, cut into eighths, core and seeds removed 2 tablespoons low‐fat mayonnaise 1 tablespoon tomato chutney 1 crusty baguette Couple of lettuce leaves 30 g feta cheese Method: 1. Lightly brush the vegetables with canola oil. On a ribbed grill plate, grill the vegetables evenly on both sides until tender but not mushy. Lay on a cooling rack as vegetables come off the grill plate. 2. Mix the mayonnaise and tomato chutney together in a bowl. Cut baguette lengthways but not all the way through. Place a layer of lettuce along the baguette. Spread a thin layer of tomato mayo over the lettuce. This will stop the baguette from going soggy. 3. Place thin layers of eggplant, zucchini and red capsicum along the baguette. Crumble over the feta cheese and close up. Cut in half and wrap in parchment paper to hold shape. Don’t wrap in plastic wrap as it will cause the baguette to become soft and lose its crunch. Nutritional analysis (per serve): energy 718kj, fat 7.17g, protein 5.68g, carb 19.5g, fibre 2.9g

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