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03 Jul

My case for power training Background//goal: The physical expression of power is often significantly overlooked by exercise professionals; my goal today, is to change that. Introduction to power: Power = Strength x Speed = Force x Velocity = mad/t Weight x Distance / Time Power in its simplest form takes a strength movement and adds […]

24 Mar

VIVA FITNESS HAS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. ON REQUEST FROM THE GOVERNMENT OUR CLUB HAS CLOSED. • ALL VIVA FITNESS MEMBERSHIPS, PACKAGES AND DIRECT DEBITS HAVE BEEN FROZEN IMMEDIATELY. Please appreciate that as a family owned business about to celebrate 40 years of trade, this government announcement hurts our family, all our staff and their families. Please […]

20 Aug

So we are lucky enough to have unlimited access to a chef right here at VIVA.. one of our longest term members, Eloise, is a chef with multiple hats and the other day I was lucky enough to be invited over for lunch… It was orgasmic. So, I stole a photo of the recipe to […]

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