Don’t tell me you go to the gym to lose weight….

Don’t tell me that you go to the gym to lose weight.


There are many well known weight loss methods around, that include NO exercise. This is because exercise alone, is actually an ineffective way to lose weight.
Yes! Check out the #science.
However, if you exercise for weight loss maintenance, then exercise is a fantastic method for weight management.
Plus those that do exercise, generally keep the weight off, for longer.


The gym is for development.
The gym is for personal growth.
The gym is for being the best version of yourself.
The gym is a place to recharge your batteries.
Here is how our members put it:
“I exercise to feel good. I exercise to feel strong and capable. I exercise so that I can do life better. I exercise so I can walk the trails on the weekend. I exercise so I can choose my clothes rather than my clothes choose me. I exercise to handle my stress and to clear my mind. I exercise to keep up with my kids. I exercise to balance out the rest of my life and look after myself a little”..

The gym is where you BUILD you and you train for something.
So, if you lose weight and on the other side of achieving that accomplishment, want to look the part, have a physical physique and actually look like you work out and go to the gym, then you need to train that way.

So, that one hour a day is where you better yourself and empower your self with a higher self-esteem and personal confidence to make better personal decisions, whatever they may be.

The other 23 hours is for fat loss!

This simple mindset switch is one that you want to make.
No, I will re-phrase that, you must make!
If you want to be a slender version of yourself.

Most of our members love their training and are fantastic at weight management, some have also achieved fantastic goals with weight loss and some others are driving towards that.
So, for those of you who are currently in a mindset of I want to lose weight, then it’s time to make the switch.

Once you’ve made that goal happen, you can continue your progress by eating maintenance level calories, (rather than a deficit) to manage your weight.

Make the switch!


1 = 23 hours a day for fat loss
2 = 1 hour a day to be #empowered #badass or whatever reason you train to be your BEST you!

Let’s Make It Happen

Head PUSH Coach, Dion

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