The Extra Makes Extra-ordinary Living!

What is ‘Extraordinary’ living?

  1. Experiencing- Find some joy daily. What are you grateful for? If you struggle with this the try writing 5 things daily or telling someone.
  2. Feeling- Comfortable and contentment. We are never where we want to be and when we are, we should cherish this time, in order to experience greater fulfillment!
  3. Expressing- Hopefulness and optimism. Always looking at each situation with a positive slant. I.e. I can’t run today but will be able in a week!
  4. Repeating- Professional and personal success. What can you do better? Be objective and be open minded.
  5. Manifesting- Energy and vitality. To get some money, first you need to give some!. i.e. Time, study, investing $$. This is no different to energy. We create energy by firstly giving some!

These points are clear and for some of us rather deep. I urge you to take action today to firstly rate yourself out of 10 against these 5 points. Then pick the one that you could better and put some action forward immediately. Before reading part 2 in three days time your goal is to have begun a habit to improve one of these 5 ‘Extra- Ordinary’ ways to express yourself and live a more fulfilling and content life!

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