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Fat Burning TRUTH

Guru Nutritionist and fat loss expert, Matt O’neill says that there are three main ways to become an automatic fat burner.

Number 1 is Avoid metabolic reducers. Number 2 is to include metabolic boosters and Number 3 is to add metabolic enhancers.

This is a simple formula for optimising your metabolism. Grab your pen and start ticking off the list below.

Avoid metabolic reducers

Because you can’t change a few of the things that affect your metabolic rate, like your age and your gender, you have to avoid anything that could reduce your metabolic rate. Crash dieting is the number one reducer. Your commitment to health and fitness needs to include a “no more quick-fix diets” clause. This also applies to so-called thermogenic or fat burner pills and potions which can stuff your metabolism. They either don’t work or should be classified as drugs.

Include metabolic boosters

The biggest metabolic booster is regular exercise, followed by muscle mass and then protein in your eating plan. Physical activity should have become a new positive habit and putting in the effort to build muscle will maximise your results. Every kilogram of muscle you build boosts your resting metabolism by 10 calories a day. This may not sound like much, but over a year it can mean you are several kilograms of body fat lighter.

Add metabolic enhancers

Adding metabolic enhancers is like superannuation for your fitness. You won’t see a quick pay-off but you’ll definitely cash in later. Firstly, make a commitment to nutrient rich eating, which will nourish your body with all the nutrients it needs to optimise cellular function. Nutrient-rich eating also minimises the cellular inflammation that we now know causes weight gain. As far as supplements go, your best bet is fish oil. The omega-3 fats in fish oil optimise cell wall function and actually enhance fat loss.

Another metabolic enhancer is stress management, which helps calm hunger hormones. Also add adequate sleep, which keeps long-term body fat hormones in sync. These Enhancers help keep you lean in the middle to long term.

In summary, to become automatically lean, eliminate metabolic reducers like crash dieting. Include metabolic boosting exercise, muscle gain and dietary protein and add metabolic enhancers lie fish oils, stress management and sleep.

There are so many products, oils and potions that claim to boost your metabolism, but the above list is your first checklist for success.

It’s not rocket science guys but life is for living so live well and make it happen.

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