fat loss food

Fat Loss Food with Flavour

Fat Loss Food Does Not Have To  Be Bland!

In fact fat loss food is quite the opposite… Flavour is the key to delicious wholesome cooking.

You see most people lack flavour in their cooking and substitute with sugar, poor choices of fat (not the best options like those containing omega 6’s I.e frying ouil etc) and excess salt.

Now, most foods can be dressed up into flavoursome meals by adding herbs, spices, salsa’s, dressings etc. This is how we can turn quick easy barbecue’s, pan fried and grilled meats into delicious meals. In turn, this will reduce excess calories, as well as, foods that create inflammation and therefore illness.

Fat Loss Foods and Probiotics

Probiotic foods are great, but prebiotic foods might be even better at improving your gut health and all the other benefits that come with it.

Prebiotics can be thought of as the food for probiotics,” says Melissa Majumdar, R.D., a senior bariatric dietitian at Brigham and Women’s Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery in Boston, MA.

Prebiotics differ from probiotics in that they’re not living microorganisms—they’re fermentable fibers that pass through your digestive system undigested then promote probiotic growth and activity. “Pre- means ‘before’ and signals that prebiotics are a prerequisite for bacteria,” she says. “Pro- means ‘for life,’ which suggests probiotics are live, active bacterial cultures.”

So today I have added for you my ‘fat loss food’ cheatsheet. This can be used to make awesome grilled and barbecue meats etc.

Now I love to cook but this cheat sheet is not mine. Instead it has been used by me to make many wonderful meals and I owe it all to my good friend, client and our local chef, Eloise Jury, AKA ‘Kitchen Macgyver’.

She is an amazing woman, mum and chef.

Thankyou for making me rock El!

Enjoy guys and make it happen!

Dion Mychalyn

fat loss food

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