Fat loss isn’t meant to be fast if it’s meant to last!

Fat loss isn’t meant to be fast if it’s meant to last!

You know the fact is that an astounding number of those of you who lose weight, or have lost a large amount of weight, will eventually put it back on and often, more.

Yes, it’s unfortunate and it also doesn’t need to be this way.

As coaches, we aspire to be the catalyst for change.

We choose to help people live their best lives. But sadly, we fail.

But did you know that for the majority of us, if you do go backwards, it really does make a difference to us. It actually does affect us. We actually feel like we have failed, and we do question our techniques and tactics. This is the honest truth. And if wasn’t the case then you probably would see through us. But you haven’t and we are here, in the now.

So let me encourage you a little further, if I may.

Your Fat Loss Journey

Your fat loss journey has just started (for many of you) and like anything meaningful in your life, there are times of growth and there are times of maintenance. But maintaining the habits you learn in the first place are crucial to your future success. For example, most of you know that to create wealth you need to make a little money, save a little money, spend less than you earn and keep practising this. It takes time. But when you do put a little away do you then go splurge day upon day, week upon week, month upon month. No! Because you would go broke.

The same goes for fat loss, your health and more importantly your well-being. We all have a metabolic rate to maintain, in order to do the things we love, as well as perform the way we want. So, we also have a budget of calories in which we get to spend, in order to nourish our body and fuel our minds. If we spend this by splurging day upon day, we will soon physically break in one way or another.

I encourage you to think about the important things in your life like this. Systematically. Like brushing your teeth and showering twice a day as a system to maintain your hygiene. It’s just a part of what you do!

This system allows you to achieve the things you want. It gives you freedom to do, act and be more. Systems allow us to produce results…Day in/ day out.

With finances most of us have a budget and this in turn helps us to be accountable. For if we overspend, we pay the consequence through credit applications or through having to go without in some way.

With nutrition we also need to account to our budget in order to be the people we want to be. To be gluttonous and over- eat regularly (and not move our bodies in a way to balance this out) is not how humans are meant to be. It’s not a system we can healthily accommodate without consequence.

But if we apply a system we do understand, then perhaps we can look at it through different lenses and simplify our approach.

Because for anything to last, it needs to be simple, meaningful and understood. It needs to be another system for you to upload and achieve a desired result.

And once you’re living the desired result, let me ask you a question… Would you move such a system to your trash folder? Would you wipe it from your hard drive?

No, I think not.

Make it happen

Coach D


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