How Much Exercise for General Health?

How Much Exercise for General Health?

Many people overestimate how much exercise for general health is actually required. General fitness and lifestyle is such a broad fitness category and yet only 13% of the Australian population (at best) is involved in regular activity or exercise.

Today there are so many programs and great trainers out there who tailor exercise to suit you so there is always a win-win.

Is it really that hard to be involved with exercise?

As you have been involved with the Viva team to achieve a result in this area of your life, you are therefore probably well aware of the affects fitness has on your life. Put simply ‘chronic exercises’ (us) know that to live the life we choose and to be the person we aspire to be, fitness is an integral part of our person.

Being physically fit helps us;

  • play with the kids
  • do the gardening
  • balance out lifestyle choices like food and drink
  • whatever you may choose
  • reduce stress
  • look better than if we didn’t do it at the very least
  • possibly look good
  • Most importantly feel good by achieving small wins and this is a real goal of being a fitness trainer. We know when you feel good, other good happens in your life

Fitness is in our physiology and we require it to stay younger and live healthier.

Did you know that ‘performing 3 x 40 minute moderately vigorous exercise sessions on a weekly basis can reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, such as cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc, by as much as 68%’? This number  is proven and is a known fact among exercise physiologists and doctors the like. The fact is that by performing more than 6 hours a week only raises the % to 71%. So it is not how much you do but simply to do something! Please share this with the people you love. You seriously could be saving their life!

I really hope you are learning what works best for you and enjoyingthe challenge.

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