Get Out Of The Gym- Gym Henley Beach

Don’t Want To Exercise in The Gym Today? Want To get Out Of Gym Henley Beach?

Let’s get out of the gym Henley Beach! Here are 5 ideas for you to try.

  1. Go the footy oval and try a circuit.

Yes the Henley Footy Club has some great training apparatus and you can kill two birds with the one stone. The kids can play and you can get in 20 minutes of movement. Try this circuit

Parallel bar dips

Walking lunges to the chin up bar

Chin ups or body weight row as a beginner option

Squat jumps to the grass

Bodyweight Hover


2. Head down to the beach

Yes everyone loves playtime, so try a beach session and be invigorated. Here is a 20 minute cardio session;

Try 10 sprints up one of the walk ways and jog down. 1:1 rest

Try 4 400 metre soft sand runs. 1:5 rest

Finish with some bodyweight stretches and movement.

If you want some more ideas in henley check this out.

3. Try Linear Park

Who doesn’t live a ride along the torrens? It’s great fun for the kids or the dog.

Plus there are many playgrounds and little hills to challenges yourself with. For instance try 10 x bodyweight rows, 10 push ups and 10 lunges at the park and then ride back.

Or get off the bike and try some short hill sprints, just remember to rest in between.

You could also check out some more ideas at linear park here.

4. What about West Beach?

Yes West Beach Surf Life saving area has some awesome facilities for you and the family to work out. I personally like the long walkways to the beach, which are slightly uphill. This again provides a great little challenge. Try;

Run to the beach and back.

Hit the playground for bodweight rows or pull ups x 10

Hit the swings for an overhead reach out. look up trx fallout for ideas.

Hit some bench dips


5. Games

Yep, good ol’gameplay. Try to get active with;

  • Swimming or water running and wave jumping with the family. A favourite of my boys
  • Basketball at West Beach
  • Tennis at Fulham reserve (sunningdale road)
  • Kicks of the footy/soccer ball. Pick an oval

So there is so much to see and do for 30 minutes on your weekends!

Have fun ‘making it happen’.


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