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A little something to keep you motivated this month!

Motivation Versus Lifestyle Habit

“Motivation gets you started but habit keeps you going!”

If you are feeling unmotivated or come up with excuses too readily then it sounds like you are coming down with ‘N.B.D.’ syndrome. N.B.D. is my term for ‘No Burning Desire’ syndrome and let me tell you that no matter how hard you train, how well you think you are eating and how good you feel on one given day, you will not achieve your results!

I am not going to joke with you, those of you who love coming to the club and plod along doing the same exercises week in and week out, I am not talking to you! You guys are the ones who are happy with your current fitness, well-being, and body image. You have formed structured routines and a healthy habit which by now is just a part of who you are. You will find it very difficult to stop as this is just a part of your daily practice, so well done!

No, I am talking to those of you who want that little bit more, that bikini come summer, that faster city to bay, that dress you used to wear or perhaps the feeling of outlasting your kids at playtime! Now if you have tried and not succeeded then chances are you don’t have that burning desire I am on about and ‘N.B.D.’ has prevailed. Loser! Yes that’s right you are a loser and have lost the fight with yourself, as somewhere along the journey you allowed small bottlenecks to arise and instead of squashing them and remaining focused on the ‘burning desire’ you learned to focus on these. Think about it? You gave in to that one extra drink, the cake that you already had during the week, the sleep in because it was raining etc and from there on other bottlenecks started coming up. By now you have started to practice finding problems to inhibit your personal growth without even realizing it. Commonly we see this as ‘no burning desire’, there is nothing to which you are accountable, and unless you have that deadline or that want then small issues prevail and you essentially are defeating your own self-confidence and self-belief. Well here’s the good news: I have just pointed out what many of us do from time to time whether it be health, work or family that you relate it to, you must find that ‘burning desire’ and form a habit and commit to it daily like a boxer commits to winning his belt, or a bodybuilder commits to getting on stage, or a young accountant commits to working to become partner, or a mum commits to her child (everyday).

In life when no-one is watching is when it counts and if you think no-one is watching then guess again as the most important person of all is staring straight at you. YOU! Your sub-conscious see’s everything and if you train your self daily to say ‘it’s OK’ that you didn’t live up to a standard then you need to look at what self-talk you practice right now and catch yourself in the act next time.Find yourself a burning desire and keep yourself accountable to it.

There is no biggest loser camp, no lock you in a room till you do your degree in real life but there is want and fear! The fear of not winning the battle this time and the want to prove to yourself that ‘I can’.

So this week guys check in with yourself and give yourself an honest effort appraisal as to how much you want the life you choose? Learn from where you have lost focus and put a strategy in place to defeat this evil next time it arises. This is a skill, a process, a daily practice, you don’t just do this as part of human nature, but you can acquire this skill to become the person you want to be!

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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