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So how did Melissa Lose Kilos?

Melissa did lose kilos…20!

Melissa came in to lose kilos and through a dedicated 5 day routine which consisted of weights with 20 minutes activity afterwards as well as 2 team training sessions, she managed to find a fitness routine that worked! Here’s a bit on what she had to say:

“I would like to sincerely thank you both in supporting me to lose some weight, I have currently lost 19kg.  It is a lot more than I have been able to achieve in the past 7 years of going to other gyms, dieticians, psychologist, diet centres etc, I actually put on 10kg over those years instead of it coming off.  Now I have finally started to lose weight and I feel so much better. In my attached photo in the Commonwealth Games casual uniform,  you can see just how far you have helped me to come in the past 9 months.

I have not only lost weight but more importantly I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.  My lower back issues that have been niggling for the past 5 years have been a nightmare. However, with all the strength training I do not get any pain in my back. I have also started to throw the hammer again and am considering taking up athletics again. After getting a 3 metre PB in the hammer in February 2018, after one week of throwing training I am stoked!  I can only imagine what I can do next season with a bit more throws training.

Dion, thank you so very much for all the time you gave to me for both my training and my nutrition.  I will continue to follow your suggestions and programs so I can continue to lose the weight and hopefully in the near future reach my goal of 75kg (only 16kg to go).

Again thank you both so much it has meant the world to me to have been given this opportunity and to be finally on the right track to getting to my goal weight.”

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We wish you best of luck on your fitness journey!

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