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I came into Viva yesterday to do a Sunday morning workout, prior to engaging in a great afternoon of food and entertainment at my best man’s daughters christening and heard a dynamic instructor of ours really having just a great time with her RPM class. What makes this instructor so great is that she was prior a member who then found she loved the club and the task of helping pothers live better lives so much she became accredited. Enza is a superstar and 12 months ago she wrote us a beautiful testimonial and shared her story in which I was reminded of yesterday and thought you would love some Monday morning motivation…

My name is Enza Meoli and I am a group fitness Instructor here at Viva, specializing in RPM. I would like to tell you my journey so far…

I joined as a member back in 1993 but was more interested in boys than my fitness!!!  Then about 1995 got really serious (after a break up) I started to get compliments on how good I looked, felt great and that I could do anything I set my mind to.  I was exercising on a regular basis, daily even few times a day, which enabled me to maintain my weight& tone up. I loved coming to Viva as I always felt like I was part of the family, everyone knew you by name, and always made me feel welcomed. That motivated me to become an instructor, as I pretty much lived here every day why not get paid for it????

I work Full time and have the ability to also teach 3 classes at Viva, I have been taking RPM now for about 5yrs and also trained in Pump.  I can honestly say I love the members and my fellow team mates. It makes coming to work enjoyable, it’s such a fun environment, as we all have the same goals. I also have PT sessions with Dan once a week, who works me hard to get the best possible results, with such great precision, and technique, I live and breathe Viva!!

I truly love my classes especially when I get my regulars every week, they are so dedicated to their training and it’s like riding with my friends!!

I have worked at other gyms and nothing beats Viva, we are FAMILY, I can assure you there is no other gym that makes you feel more welcome, part of the family and that we are here for you, we want to help you!!!!

I encourage everyone to take on the fitness challenge to live a healthy life and be fit and happy within yourself, nothing beat’s  a hard day’s work, even when ‘ you almost talk yourself out of going’  to the gym, by training hard!!  It’s good for the mind, body and soul!!!

For those who are thinking of becoming an instructor to go and just do it, we need dedicated members who are committed to their fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle and to VIVA, coz we love life!!!! It’s all about ‘work life balance and I can assure you, we have that here at Viva…

‘Haud Renumeror  vacuus nixus’- ‘There is no reward without effort’*

* Disclaimer: Results reflect a dedicated fitness regime and may vary from person to person


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