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Eat to live- ‘Get Real’ if you want to lose fat!

Eat to live- ‘Get Real’ if you want to lose fat!

Do you live to eat? Are your choices you make in the moment sabotaging your good efforts in the gym?

Unfortunately for most, this is true! The saying goes “you can’t out train a bad diet” and I agree, especially if you’d like to lose fat or just maintain shape.

Firstly, if you exercise to manage your weight and you are happy doing this, then that’s ok with me. I’m not talking to you. If you choose exercise to help offset your nutrition and lifestyle habits, then that’s great.

BUT if you are somewhat unhappy with the way you look and feel then read on.

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Tip 1- Get Real!!!

Seriously. If you’re training to look good, lose fat, or add muscle…. Stop wasting 5 hours gym work only to undo your efforts by loading up on carbohydrate laced ‘ok’ foods and then whinge about your weight (an ok food is a food that most would say ‘but that’s ok isn’t it?).

Another pet peeve of mine is hearing about massive nights out and poor sleep. Or huge amounts of sugary alcohol like wine, beer and champagne on the weekend.

This will simply stall your progress  to lose fat for a number of reasons for instance; excess calories, cortisol production (stress hormones being signalled), imbalanced hormones and lack of training drive (meaning you will work out but likely not TRAIN). When you exercise to workout you upregulate the feel good hormones and this is great. This can be anything but training is what gets you the physical results. I.e I exercise with my clients by holding the pads and enjoy the fluidity of the movement. This gives me very little training affect but maintains footwork and rhythm. However I train with strength work to help me be more explosive, as well as perform 1-2 specific pad/ bag sessions to improve my striking as a martial artist.

Like I said, if you’re happy balancing out your lifestyle and use exercise to feel good, you probably don’t need to read on (reading this will probably annoy you as you’re not prepared to change and might start justifying your behaviour. Again that’s your choice.) Who I am talking to, are those of you who are not satisfied  with the way you ‘look and feel’ and perhaps want to lose fat.  If that’s you, then take a few points out of these articles and do it!

“We buy emotionally and decide logically”. I.e. you could choose a high carbohydrate breakfast at a cafe like scones or pancakes and justify it, for instance “I don’t do it often”. Here is one of the best articles on cheat meals I have read and get ready for the harsh truth! 

Or you could choose an omelette and stone fruit, berries, pineapple and nuts and rationalise it by saying “I want to have energy later in the day to do all the cool things on my holiday or clean the house or go to work”. Whatever! I bet you will have improved mood and sustained energy by eating healthy fats and protein. And the science back it’s up. Check out high protein breakfast and why they give you more energy and better focus. http://www.strengthsensei.com/the-meat-and-nuts-breakfast/

Stop the justifications!!!

The thing is most of us are rationalising every poor food choice regularly, and moreso on holidays/ weekends. For instance “It’s ok because I walked all day or I did 20,000 steps, so I get to eat a burger and chips”. Guys you need to ‘walk and step’ a shit load more than that to burn anywhere near the average 1,500 calorie burger!! Let alone chips and anything you drink, besides water…. That’s a good 3-4 hour brisk walk/ hike for me a healthy 90 kilo male!!!

Stop it!!! There is always a reason to endulge and we are amazing at the art of justifications! We do it so well we don’t even realise how it’s affecting us. There is always another event, Easter, party, Xmas, lunch date. It is seriously never ending and if you want to get anywhere then you need to be a person of principles.

If you don’t stand for something you fall for anything!!!!

Again this is what I live by and what I’m sharing.

So here’s my tips for you and I don’t need many because there is beauty in the basics;

1- Stand for something- Eat to live!

This means ask yourself “how do I want to look and feel”? And for me, breakfast is the key! I start the day right and I stay on the track. Hence the term ‘on track’. When you get on it you are more likely to stay on it. This is a reason why exercise in the morning is great to get you on track for your day. see the article i shared earlier on the meat and nuts breakfast.

2- Routine

I like routine. Monday to Friday I am on plan and allow variation on the weekend. It allows me to crush my week and not think about food.  My plan is heaps of protein snacks throughout the week and always cook a meal of an evening for the next day. It works for me!

If I miss a meal, chances are I have a frozen slow cooker dish ready to go. Read here.

To be honest, often I’m looking forward to a simple can of tuna after all the great dinners/ lunches I have had. I like to cook…

My method 80 percent of the time is simple. Eat to ‘fuel my body’. This way I get pleasure out of performing all my tasks and feel like I’m winning at life.

I’m not looking for a buzz most days with sugary foods, as I get a buzz out of training, work and being a dad etc.

I could go on and on but I will reveal more next time on the 80/20 rule.

So do you ‘live to eat’ or ‘live to eat’?

Perhaps a few changes in your perspective will help you?

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