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Muscle Mindset

By far the mind is the strongest muscle in the body and luckily, has an amazing potential to what it can accomplish.

With a creative mind, a burning desire, a plan to build your body and the emphatic consistency needed to transform your dreams from thought to reality, you can achieve the impossible. Everything on this earth from the keyboard I type on and the walls we sit between was created with this an idea.

These mental aspects are critical to your success, don’t skip them or you WILL find yourself in the 90% crowd!

Quitters never win and winners never quit!

Learn to enjoy exercise

I recently read this article in a colleague’s article, which was written by Brooks D Kubik in the book Dinosaur Training;

“For a dinosaur, it is perfectly normal to enjoy training. The harder and more demanding the session, the more enjoyable it is. Dinosaur’s have a deep-rooted, almost primordial NEED to test their strength against heavy weights and do so regularly. A Dinosaur’s training session is the high point of each day. It is the time when he most feels alive. The training session allows him to express his true self-the, self he has to cover up in order to live in the everyday world and its myriad of casts, codes and conformity. During a workout, a Dinosaur is free to be as physical and animalistic as he wishes. He can be barbaric-brutal-primitive-artistic. He can challenge the iron, grapple with it, do battle and either live or die. The part of him that never finds expression in the ordinary course of everyday existence may be unleashed in full force when he attacks the iron…When you feel THAT way about your training, consistency, perseverance, and tenacity, become second nature, and at that point your ultimate success is a foregone conclusion.

Exercise is not a chore it is a time where you can express yourself and let yourself go with n o constraints, besides the limits you lay. It is not a chore and should not be viewed this way. Expect the training session and be excited that your fare ‘ABLE’ to be there at that moment…Welcome it.

Limits are only obstacles that you put in front of you and are willing to accept!

They are illusions, myths, and excuses. Yes, there are certain limits but the fact is most of us don’t know what a real limitation is. I do not mean to offend but it is true. Human beings are wonderful at delivering rationale for not meeting goals and challenges, as it makes us feel safe and there is a part of our brain that’s sole purpose is exactly that. If we didn’t have this, most of us would probably be on some form of anti- depression drug!


The satisfaction achieved from a strength session goes far beyond the immediate feeling of wellbeing as when you move, meet with people, go to work, etc you find a confidence within yourself. Those of you have experienced this feeling know what I am talking about and those who have not, are missing out.

“Knowing that I have achieved and what I have achieved is my success! No-one….NO-ONE can take my achievement away from me… It’s mine… It’s precious and I EARNED it! Kristy Kovacs 2008 Miss Australia

Make it happen


We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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