12 Aug

Every mom deserves time for self care! But, we push it away like its a luxury. The importance of self care for mothers is undeniable. These 6 truths make me want to take more me time.   1) WHEN THE LEADER’S MORALE SUFFERS, SO DOES THE TROOPS During one of the most important battles of […]

10 Aug

If you don’t know what to do, do this The gym can be a scary place. You walk in there, you don’t really know what you’re doing, you see all these other people walking around in all their confidence and competence and you wonder just what the heck you have gotten yourself into. You see […]

03 Jul

My case for power training Background//goal: The physical expression of power is often significantly overlooked by exercise professionals; my goal today, is to change that. Introduction to power: Power = Strength x Speed = Force x Velocity = mad/t Weight x Distance / Time Power in its simplest form takes a strength movement and adds […]

05 May

So You Want to Improve Posture, Right? Lets’ deepdive on ‘Strengthen and Lengthen’ Jordan Peterson, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, made the first rule in his book 12 Rules For Life: “stand up straight with your shoulders back”. In this chapter he touches on more than the fact that good posture is […]

21 Apr

The Perfect  Training Plan- “Suitable without deviations” The perfect training plan is arguable but lets take a moment to discuss perefection.  Perfection and art are almost inseparable concepts forged together through the aisles of history and its many cultures. The ancient Greeks considered art as the ultimate pursuit of perfection. The Pythagoreans considered perfection as […]

06 Apr

Covid-19 and Your Fitness- “Staying sane in an insane world” “Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?” Quite a fitting line from Arthur Fleck aka “The Joker”,  and this appiles to covid-19 and your fitness! Arthur was found saying this only months before physical fights were breaking out in supermarkets over packets […]

24 Mar

VIVA FITNESS HAS TEMPORARILY CLOSED. ON REQUEST FROM THE GOVERNMENT OUR CLUB HAS CLOSED. • ALL VIVA FITNESS MEMBERSHIPS, PACKAGES AND DIRECT DEBITS HAVE BEEN FROZEN IMMEDIATELY. Please appreciate that as a family owned business about to celebrate 40 years of trade, this government announcement hurts our family, all our staff and their families. Please […]

21 Nov

So many people I know think fish should be steamed and eaten with greens .. hmmm hmmm sounds delish! (not) I love a bit of kick with my fish dishes .. and this one is a real favourite in our house! Filled with good fats and omegas to get your brain going – this low […]

13 Nov

Did you know Fish Oils help you build muscle and lose fat? Fish oils help the body in so many ways! Fish oils, Aka ‘Omega 3 fatty acids’, are super important because they will improve the health of every cell in your body! The problem is that most people have a higher omega 6 to […]

30 Oct

Calorie Counting and our Fat Loss Food Cheat Sheet Will Certainly Help Your Summer Body But and it’s a big but, Using our fat loss food cheat sheet to count calories is not necessary to be lean and for most people just trying to shape up, calorie counting is just not necessary! However, I know […]

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