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No Chemicals In Fitness Kids Care Facilities

The Viva Fitness Kids Care facility has been operating 6 days a week, for 35 years!

Viva fitness kids care is run by family members and fellow mums, and has been a place that our precious cargo loves to visit… Often not wanting to leave!

With regular activities and games to keep them entertained and learning new things, we have always had great fun creating new fun ways to keep our Fitness Kids Care, a place that our members want to bring their babies!

Over the winter months, we were all hit very hard with the flu season. Unfortunately we had to send a lot of little ones home, that were a little too snotty – in case we spread more sickness.

Spring has Sprung!

The Viva Fitness Kids Care team have had a huge Spring clean of all our toys, blankets and pillows. This ensures we have rid all areas of the dreaded winter bugs!

Viva Fitness Kids Care= No Chemicals!

Viva fitness kids care

We use our affiliation with the ‘say no to chemical  and toxins company’ Melaleuca to do this.  Only using products that are safe for our kids to be around. This includes Soluguard disinfectant spray and our brand new Koala Pals Kids Hand Wash.  This is made with apples and smells delicious – which makes it so much easier and fun for our kids to wash their hands!!!

As you may know at Viva, we are more than just focussed on fitness! We want to impact the health, happiness and lives of our members and believe in chemical free for many reasons.  Check out this link to melaleuca to find out how chemicals affect you and your families lives!

Join us at Viva Fitness kids care as we are ready to go for the spring season. There is even fresh new flowers on the walls – designed by your babies!

See you soon!

VIVA Kids Care


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