Office Exercise

For many people a day at work is synonymous with a day of sitting at a desk burning little or no calories in the process.

What few people stop to realise is that if you simply burned 50 more calories each workday you would lose 2 kilos in one year.

Believe it or not, burning 50 more calories in an eight hour day is quite easy.

Consider making just a few small changes.

First, always take the stairs instead of the lift.

If you’re too high up to take the stairs all the way, get off one floor early and walk.

Add one floor every month and pretty soon you’ll look forward to the stairs.

Next, use the bathroom that is farthest away from your desk.

Consider hand delivering a message instead of calling or e-mailing a colleague.

  1. To burn even more calories consider taking a short walk for part of your lunch hour or using the fitness center if one is available.

Every movement means more calories being burned and kilos being shed.

If you simply got up and stretched, moved and refocused on the hour, every hour, you would be practicing a habit that;

  1. Gets your heart pumping and helps you lose weight for the long term
  2. Refocuses your posture so that you can improve your posture in sitting and standing etc. (poor sitting habits often come from sitting to long and slouching)
  3. Gives you a movement break which gets oxygen circulating to your brain and is likely to improve your next 45 minutes of concentration

Make the most of your day.

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


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