Priorities- How To Beat Dad Bod Tip #2

Priorities- How to Beat Dad Bod Tip #2

How often do we turn around and say we are too busy? Is this true or are we simply not focussing on the priorities that make a difference in a log run?

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Priorities. As Stephen Covey writes in his award winning book ‘ 7 habits of highly effective people’, “we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to things several times a day”.  What we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to is centered around our principles and our personal mission!

So I get it, lifes tough!  But what if we start saying ‘yes’ to more things that make us be the best versions of ourselves? This is a habit of highly effective people who put ‘first things first’. This means to work on the important things in our lives and start saying ‘no’ to urgent things that are not as important.  This may be a meeting or a mate really wanting you to join in on something you don’t really want to, but feel you need to. Try politely saying ‘no’, they will understand.

So how does exercise fit in? Well without good relationships/ family, a career and your health, it’s hard to be happy and satisfied! These are the three pillars, some would say, that lay the foundation for people to feel valuable and happy.

If your health and fitness is lacking then try blocking out times weekly to do some activity. Look at this as giving yourself a gift! i.e “I exercise as a tool to manage my stressful workload”. Or “I exercise to feel good about myself and this makes me able to do more with my family”.

Tip#2 Fitness is a gift not a chore- what do you/ will you (if about to start) receive from exercising?

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