PUSH_ Body Transformation Started September 7th

Since 2003 we have successfully changed over 5000 people’s lives with weight loss, confidence and energy and I just love it! Recently in 2012 we launched the online trainer atwww.pushbodytransformation.com.au and it has been a huge success with hundreds of people participating from around Australia in a body/life transforming program where you receive;

  • A weekly nutrition plan with ‘real Australian’ recipes for weight loss and muscle gain.
  • A 12 week program. From beginner to advanced, which includes both fat loss and muscle gain programs, with videos and everything you need to follow it successfully.
  • The ‘Mindset Makeover Program’ addition, where I personally give life coaching video lessons that we use in the PUSH system.

The behind the scenes work is huge to arrange programs for participants, which is not only  a balancing act of correct movement but also applying enough intensity for physical change. The nutrition part of the program is what’s most sort after and we pride ourselves on ‘good food’ and this year we added 50% new recipes to the site, so there are more varieties for those on the run and with food intolerances.

All PUSH members and clients of Viva can have access to this site for less than $10 per week all year round and you can join the site based info at any time.

Make It happen

We will support your goals, guide your fitness and make it fun. Most importantly, we will know who you are and care that you’re here!


Making fitness a habit isn’t easy, but Viva makes it a whole lot more fun! Try our 10-Day free trial and find your fitness solution!


“Inspiring you to live YOUR best life”

Your Family here at Viva Fitness are constantly striving to improve and exceed your personal expectations in creating an enjoyable lifestyle. Through our professional and passionate team, together we will ‘make it happen’…

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