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Your scale weight hasn’t changed? Here’s what to consider

So Your Scale Weight Has Not Changed… Now What?

Scale weight is a tricky subject. You have been eating breakfast, working out most days and even cut back on the sugary snacks! But it hasn’t changed!

You’re not alone! The fact is that you have probably been doing a great job but we often want to see results immediately. It’s called instant gratification and it’s the way in 2018 we are wired.

We expect that when we do a good job, we are to see results immediately. It’s a little like a dog obeying his master and ‘sits’, he then expects a snack… We are much the same.

With this knowledge don’t negate your efforts by falling in a sugary slum but instead find a healthy habit that makes you feel good with no guilt attached like a massage, walk, talking to a friend. Basically anything you enjoy doing thats a healthy alternative!

This is a habit that healthy, leaner persons understand.

To find your motivation check out this recent blog where we discuss the real benefits of exercise.

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So what else can we focus opn instead of scale weight?

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