Shar’s Soapbox # 4 Is fat the enemy?

Hi All,

Today I want to talk about something very close to my heart.  Five years ago my mother died of lung cancer.  Since then, I have spent a lot of my time researching this disease, especially as many of my relatives have also died or have been diagnosed with cancer.   I have lost 3 people to cancer this year alone and they were all 60 or under.  I have read book after book, spoken to and regularly email people fighting this dreadful sickness and what I have decided, and this is my opinion only, is that it is not always the death sentence we may think.  To me it is the body crying out to make change!  What we eat and drink, drugs/medication we take and lifestyle choices in general all affect our health.  In the book G-L-O-W as per my #1 blog, genes and cell divisions also play a big part.

For all of you out there that are over 50, I want you to think back to your primary school days (and for you younger ones, I’m sure your parents or grandparents have spoken about this).  In your class, was it not “spot the fat kid”.  I don’t mean to be derogatory here, quite the contrary, but most of us were not overweight or “obese” and yes I say obese but in our day it was just plain old fat.  Today we have to be politically correct and say “obese”.  Anyway my point being is that, we didn’t really have a huge problem with overweight children.  We all had to drink a bottle of milk in the morning at school and yes it was real milk, not homogenized either; it actually had cream on the top and all the real enzymes in it!  I guess too, we were a lot more active as well and we also ate “real home cooked food” and take-away was almost non existent.  Oh and did I mention that we even ate lard (animal fat) on our bread.  So why didn’t we have a “weight” problem?  Maybe everything in moderation?   I will say most of my relatives born prior to 1920 all lived to a ripe old age.  What about your families?  Look around you, how many people do you know between the age of 50 and 70 with medical issues i.e. heart problems, high blood pressure, athritis, diabetes, cancer etc. and totally depend on medication….lots!  I personally think modern day living is making us sick….but we can do something about it.  Make the change, whether it is starting an exercise regime at Viva, or eating more healthy home cooked meals or, like me, obtaining as much information about good health and overcoming illness as I can and incorporating it into my lifestyle.  If you do nothing, nothing changes!

Anyway, in my quest for the secrets of long-lifers and combating sickness, I came across Dr Johanna Budwig (30/9/1908 to 19/5/2003).  She was a German Scientist, Physicist, Biochemist and Pharmacologist, so she definitely got my attention, not to mention that she lived into her 90’s (tripped and fell in her own home and never really recovered at the ripe old age of 94). She was also a 7 x Nobel Prize nominee.  One of her books, “Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases” is well worth the read.  It is only 60 or so pages and her information on fats and healing is truly amazing.  She talks about the importance of the right fatty acids and the deleterious effect of the wrong fats on human health.

  • “Find out why fats govern all aspects of the human body”.
  • “Discover what flax oil will do for your body”.
  • “Learn about saturated and unsaturated fats”.
  • “Find out how electrons and photons work in the human body”.
  • “Learn about the oil-protein diet”.
  • “Discover why the living body may lack the ability to assimilate fat and how you can change it”.

You can pick this book up on Amazon for about $7.  Such a tiny price for such powerful information!  We have always been taught that fat is the enemy….not so, it just depends on the type of fat.  Knowledge is power!

Yours in good health

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