Shar’s Soapbox # 5 “Cancer Free”

Hi again,

As October is Cancer Awareness month and here at Viva we are having “Girls Night In” this Friday 28th October 2011, thought I would share with you a truly inspirational book by Bill Henderson, “Cancer Free”.  If you have had cancer, or are going through it or know somebody who is (and I’m sure most of us do) then this book is well worth reading.

Bit of history about Bill…a background in computer software and marketing. He retired from the US Air Force as a Colonel in 1977 and founded a software publishing company, which he sold in 1995. He also has a Masters in Business Administration and he will be 80 years of age next January.  In November 1994 his wife died of cancer after a 4 year battle.  After seeing her go through this, Bill began what has become his full-time crusade, trying to reach as many people as possible with information about this aweful disease through books, newsletters, workshops, telephone coaching and a weekly radio show in America.  He is not a doctor, he is just a “reporter”, but he has helped thousands of people all over the world become cancer-free and the only thing he sells is his book.  He has extensively researched cancer and has come across a “tsunami” of information on over 300 gentle, non-toxic treatments.  He has a network of doctors, nutritionists, cancer survivors and other crusaders like himself.  I have a very open mind, do you?

One of the most important things I got out of this book is how vital it is to take charge of your own health.  Prevention is definitely better than cure!

In Chapter 5 he recommends 6 of the 300 treatments and apparently they work.  According to Bill many people have got great results in just 6 to 8 weeks.  I personally know of a few people who are practising some of these in their own battle to survive cancer. The “Bill Henderson Protocol” consists of these 6 things:

  1. Immune System Boosters
  2. Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese – The Budwig Diet
  3. Dr Matthias Rath – Vitamin C & Lysine/Proline
  4. Greens and Enzymes
  5. A Cancer-Fighting Diet (this includes the 5 no-noes)
  6. Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind but I will say that out of all the books on this subject I have read, I found it to be an excellent guide and easy to follow.  As I have said before, knowledge is power!  You can purchase this book via the internet (e.g. Amazon) or any good book store.  Is reading your thing?  If not, check out his web site:

A big thank you to all those girls supporting our “Girls Night In” this Friday at Viva.  Should be a lot of fun and all for a great cause.  Are we going to see you there?

Yours in good health

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