So you do exercise classes… But why isn’t your weight shifting?

So you’re doing exercise classes but still not shifting the weight?

Exercise classes and movement is essential to offset many illnesses and help with weight loss. But you can lose weight without exercise. However the many health benefits from partaking in exercise certainly stack up in favour, as well as decreasing anxiety, depression and just feeling awesome!

But today we are not talking exercise classes, we are talking about seeing results with your weight! And here is something plain and simple! You eat too much!

In the 90’s bodybuilders got more ripped than ever. The common way to do this was low fat diets. Everything went low fat and the sugar industry (cereal companies and others alike) tarnished fats name by stating “its fat that has led to the obesity epidemic”.  And still today we have Australian guidelines stating we should eat as much as 65% of our calories from grains and cereals.  However, now know due to the effect these foods have on hormones such as insulin, is just way too much for fat loss, for not only sedentary individuals but also active ones.

“It’s more than exercises classes it’s eating too much carbs that’s making us fat”, we say in 2000’s.

In the 2000’s and say the last 10-15 years we have had a huge switch from carbs as king to fat as king. This means today we see fat as our friend and the evidence is overwhelming for fat loss. Dr Mark Hyman explains why fat is our friend here and is a great advocate on turning to a high fat, moderate protein and lower carb diet.

So again, it’s more than just exercises classes it’s what we eat. But is it what or is it how much or….

So the fat loss revolution still remains and the paleo diet, keto diet, zone diets have all grown in popularity and of course all work.

But here are some facts for you in which we have shared time and time again. ‘Success leaves clues’, say’s Tony Robbins and well… He’s right!

Every single person who has lost weight, is in a healthy weight range or simply looks great has a habit or many habits which they have changed, or employed, to do this. Period!

  1. Eat protein and fat at each meal. Period. It keeps you fuller for longer and yields a much higher metabolic response. Meaning you burn more fat in metabolising these foods. Not sometimes, not mostly, all times!!!!
  2. Reduce alcohol intake. Period. If trying to get in shape it simply gets in the way on so many levels.
  3. Reduce sugars. Period. They get in the way of fat burning and promote fat storage.
  4. Reduce dairy. Period. Go high fat quality dairy and use it minimally.
  5. Eat less. Period.

Back to today. It’s the sugar and the lack of exercise classes that’s making us obese!

Yep. Sugar is now the bad guy. In fact “there has been no greater detriment to our health than the increase in refined sugars to our diet”. Yep I said it and the research is undeniable.

Now all carbohydrates get broken down to sugar. We know these carbohydrates as simple or complex. Bottom-line is, they all breakdown to sugar and some just do more slowly and carry a hell of a lot more goodies with them. But sugar i.e. soft drinks, cakes and cookies carry limited to none. So it’s safe to say that those who need to lose weight probably consume too much sugar.

The real problem….

We eat too much and do too few exercise classes

There are factions in the nutrition industry who will refuse this as it’s easier to say it’s not their fault… or some ingredient big Pharma has introduced is suppressing their thyroid…

Nope I see it all the time, people say they do one thing and do another. They are good one day or 15 and then take 5 days off the habits that make change.  And the biggest is eating too much. Food is everywhere and so easy to access. People get bored, they don’t account to a plan and then justify a snack.

When having a plan such as precisions nutrition calorie counter we discuss here in ‘lean body eating’ using your hand as a guide, you have a simple plan. In my experience even with friends and family do I see people plan their meal choices? In fact never! Most will treat themselves for ‘seconds’ without a second thought. There is definitely no checking that they have the fist of protein, thumb of fat or cupped handful of veggies (mentioned above in link). Yep straight to lasagne. Yum! Or grab a chocolate bar to share on a Saturday night, while smashing 3 glasses of red, which is also not allocated to a plan.

Guys, success leaves clues

My wife was in awesome shape winning many fitness model comps and in fact Ms Australia by…. drumroll. Saying No!

No to extras

No to seconds

No to sugar

No to an unplanned snack.

Instead she had a plan. Knowledge is power! Knowing she has eaten enough at breakfast and lunch enables her to say ‘No’ to an afternoon snack knowing it is boredom, lack of will or something else than hunger that is leading her to contemplate this. Most do not do this.

I only use Kristy as an example here as it sums up this article. Kristy had a solid plan. Check! This kept her eating the right foods and stopped her overeating! The plan reduced alcohol, sugar, and grains and had her eating just enough and not too much!

Now if getting in shape is your goal, then this article has some pretty advantageous advice for you. And of course if you wish to stay healthy and are happy where you are then yes you can indulge. I do. BUT I have a habit to follow like exercise classes, intermittent fasting the next morning and dropping all carbs the day of and after the ‘pig out’.

Bork as you like but habits are the clues that lead to success!

Build some of these weight management habits and do them year in and year out. You won’t ever have a weight management issue again!

It’s not carbs. It’s not fat. It’s your choices!

Make it happen

Dion Mychalyn

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