Success Is Not An Accident

Here is a short sharp article I read this morning that sums out what it takes to succeed. Whether it is fitness, family or career the guidelines are simple…. Make it Happen!

Success is not an Accident

If you have ever wondered what determines success and what determines failure, in both instances it is never one event or one course of action that is the determining factor, but rather a series of events and actions. The difference between successful people versus unsuccessful people is not just some random role of the dice.

Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not. Successful people have a consistent pattern of action that yields the outcome they desire. Success requires consistency and discipline. It requires an individual to focus on executing their plan and doing it over and over again until success is achieved.

When thinking of success, understand that success is a process and that it  requires a commitment to consistent action on your part to produce your desired outcome.

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