Success Is a Journey!

This week I want to share with you my opinion about success.

Success is a journey, it is a culmination of our fears and our failures and how we can overcome them. In success we learn more about failing than anything else, as each failure is a step closer to succeeding. There are studies going on at the moment that test the physiological hormonal response when we fail, in comparison to success, and results would appear that there is a stronger hormonal response from failing than succeeding.

Whatever the reason we can learn from our failures and grow resilience in doing so…. But we have to choose this open and positive attitude. To put in perspective, if you have a bad day in the gym, it is not the end of the world, nor is it a measure of you as a person…It is just a session that did not go so well, it is certainly not a failure.  To dwell on one action over and over again will only bring pain as we can not be so absolute about everything and need to be flexible at times. You can always make up make today’s failures  tomorrow. Here is a great summary I read earlier today about what we can learn from the ‘gift’ of failure’;

One of the greatest gifts of failure is the knowledge that failure is never final, unless we choose to give up. Discovering that we can turn our lives around, choose a different path, or embrace a new idea at any age or in any set of circumstances is liberating for the soul, can motivate us to seek the wisdom and experience of others who have had different experiences, and can provide the momentum we need to propel us to successes beyond our imaginings.

So right now guys the program is asking you to use what you have learned to grow and develop in not only training but in life, as you have all succeeded so much to come this far.

Try and fail and keep trying until you can happily say…This is it, I have achieved my goal and then…. SET ANOTHER ONE! Never-stop trying and never back down, otherwise you are settling for a lesser version of yourself and you have so much more you can be (for that matter so can I and everyone you know).

What is your life’s purpose? Keep tracking towards the ultimate you and remember this process never stops, as there is always another success you can aspire to and this attitude keeps us motivated, optimistic and healthy!

I look forward to meeting many of you and celebrating with you December 8 with the PUSH_ Party of the YEAR where we present winners and recognition awards!

Success is a journey!

Make it happen…

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