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One of our favourite things about Viva Fitness is the community feeling that so many of our members rave about. We have members who have made new best friends, members who have fallen in love and members who now have a great workout buddy.

Even our little Viva Fitness creche kids have found new besties.

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Not all gyms are created equal when it comes to that feeling of community that comes with building a local gym that is member, not money focussed.

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A lot of our members are long terms members and they keep coming back year after year not just for the exercise equipment and classes but for catching up with friends, feeling part of a team and to have fun.

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 “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson

We know that location and convenience are one of the key deciding factors in choosing a gym. If you want a local gym that is a bit different from the usual franchise gym, then Viva Fitness could be the gym for you.

Price is also something that we all need to take into account. There are loads of 24/7 gyms available in Adelaide. You have a huge range to choose from but when it comes to choosing a gym that you will be inspired to keep coming back to day after day, week after week, year after year you need to make sure you choose a gym that’s right for you.

I am sure many of us can count the amount of money we have wasted on gym memberships or fitness regimes that we have given up on half way through. Usually, the reason we give up is because it’s not sustainable.

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When we choose to make a life change we need to make sure that it fits within our lifestyle. We need to make sure we have people around us that keep us on track.

That’s what the Viva difference is all about. We are a family owned gym which means that each and every one of our members is special to us. We want to make sure that our members don’t just join but they make the most out of their membership.

Whether our members just want to come by once a week for a relaxed workout, or they come every day to reach their specific fitness goals we want to make sure that experience in the best one possible.

Our staff and our members are a part of our family, our members generally stay long term. Our members make friends with each other, and with our staff.  We support each other.

So if you are looking for a gym where you can feel supported on your journey, a gym where it’s fun to come and workout, a gym  where you are greeted by a friendly face. Choose Viva and support a local South Australian owned and operated gym. We consider ourselves one of Adelaide’s best gyms for long term success.

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Viva Fitness has gym members from across Adelaide but many of our members hail from the Western Suburbs, including;

Joining a local community-minded gym is a great way to meet people from your local area!

gym near me

gym near me

gym near me


You can check out our pricing here! 

I have always struggled with my weight and despite playing sports growing up I was never brought up with health, nutrition or fitness as a priority. So it’s safe to say I’ve tried every fad that came along with no direction or education on what was best for me to do and no support to make changes.

Since starting at Viva my body is continuously changing and I’m becoming the person I always wanted to be. Fit, strong, healthy and confident.

This has helped me to get up in front of crowds and wrestle, I now have the energy I only ever dreamt of having, I have the knowledge to break the cycle and make sure my son grows up healthy and with a positive role model. I can tell you exactly how this happened, I train with Stav and do 4 strength sessions a week, I do a warrior class, I get expert advice from everyone at VIVA and I put it into practice, I train twice a week for wrestling and I follow my nutrition plan. I’m excited to see what I will look like when I am holding the ACW Women’s Championship!!!



Viva Fitness is THE Adelaide Gym to help you reach your own personal goals.

So you want to grow muscle right?

Why wouldn’t you. In layman terms muscle does wonderful things for our bodies. Muscle;

There are many reasons why strength training is wanted by men and women. One reason that has helped me stick with it for the last 16 years is that it simply makes me feel great. I love the feeling of mastering my mind and overcoming obstacles and then ticking it off my daily to do list. This small goal helps with confidence and gives you the motivation to go on and set more challenging goals ahead of you. i personally feel ‘less than’ if i have not trained with resistance for 3-4 days, regardless of the cardio sessions i have done. You see when you feel this way about your training you have found an addiction, a want or need that is necessary to be a part of your life. It is no longer about looking good or dropping kilo’s. Yes you want to maintain but the real win is the feeling of accomplishment and self worth that you are that person who is in their giving life a go!

With my weight training I have a routine yes, but it changes based on my feelings and time in a week. My non-negotiable is to train the three main areas weekly. PUSH, PULL, LEGS. If I train 3-4 times then great If I train once then I do the big mothers and pull the house down so i get maximal supercompensation from my session in order to maintain my strength so i can up it next week.

Why am i telling you this because learn to love your training and put the time in and watch the results keep piling up. Every day you enter the gym you achieve the goal. bettering yourself and don’t forget it

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