Boxing Lessons in the Ukraine Were Humbling

I love to plan holidays around exercise! So boxing lessons when vivisting the Ukraine (the moherland) with my father certainly interested me!

It just makes me feel good and is a great way to learn and bring back new skillsets to pass on to trainers and clients.

I love martial arts and when i visited America I did kickboxing, in Asia I did various martial arts and Muaythai, so it only makes sense when visiting the Ukraine to box! Ukrainian boxers are amongst the best in the world and they are renowned for being strong and resilient and I wanted to learn some of this in my holiday to the Ukraine.

Yeah I can box… But these guys humbled me…. Big time!

So I visited 4 different clubs and had personal training sesions which lasted for 90 minutes. We moved around in the Ukraine as it was a visit to look into my fathers family heritage and after wearing my father out i would take off to do some of my own homework… Oh and burn off all the beautiful food I was eating!

What did the boxing lessons teach me?

Although the techniques were different from each coach there were some key take homes from my boxing experience in Ukraine;

I loved the techniques we learned and have put together a series of lessons which focus on these points in our weekly boxing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday night at Viva!

If you want to check out my weight training experience then check this video out here where i visit a huge outdoor gym made out of WW2 tanks.


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