100% Natural VEGAN PLANT Protein Powder

Containing an excellent amino acid profile, Trilogy 100% Natural VEGAN Plant Protein Powder is a premium vegetarian, plant based protein made using a blend of hexane-free, non-GMO sprouted BROWN RICE that is enzymatically extracted from the whole grain using a low heat process as well as YELLOW PEA, which is extracted with water and is 100% chemical-free. Great tasting and a great supplement to add to your PUSH_Training Program!

Why go Vegan?

Our VEGAN Plant Protein is 100% dairy free, easily mixed and highly digestible. It is a great low allergenic natural protein that is wheat, gluten, lactose, soy, egg and animal product FREE and is perfect to help satisfy hunger cravings, aid muscle recovery and growth and to increase your daily protein intake.

Trilogy Nutrition goes to great lengths to ensure only the finest quality ingredients are used.
This product contains NO gluten, NO soy, NO transfats, NO lactose, NO wheat, NO egg, NO yeast, NO artificial flavours or sweeteners, NO artificial colours, NO corn and only NON-GMO Ingredients.

Our TrilogyVegan Plant Protein is not hydrolysed and doesn’t contain MSG.

What is hydrolysation and why don’t we do it?

Other vegetable proteins are made by boiling old vegetables that are unfit for sale in a vat of acid to create a brown sludge which is dried and powderised.

This process results in a vegetable protein that is high in MSG with an altered chemical profile that decreases its efficiency.Trilogy Vegan Protein contains a rice protein that is is extracted using a low temperature process and organic enzymes without any hexane or synthetic chemicals to avoid protein denaturation and ensure a superior flavour.


Take a run outside a Henley Gym

It would be silly for me to say that coming to Viva Fitness is the only way to get fit and healthy if your looking for a Henley Gym!

The fact is Viva Fitness is a catalyst, (much like breakfast which is so powerful on starting a great day) as it starts you off on the right path towards the goal that you have in mind.

But sometimes we are stuck for time, want to go outdoors or perhaps find yourself with an opportunity!

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the gym and exercise in the sunshine with the sand underfoot. Adelaide has some wonderful beaches and right next door to us here at Kidman Park is Henley Beach, Grange, Tennyson etc, which all provide nice sandy beaches with some quiet spots for you to get a little bit of privacy, whilst working out.

Exercise Henley Beach

So what are your options down at the beach you ask? Well, there are tons of options available to you and my next blog will list some of my favourites.

Obviously, there is running, walking, stretching and yoga poses if you are outside of the Henley Gym. However, for best  effectiveness try  to mimic or replicate a workout that you are already familiar with, as it will probably be safer as well as more effective.

henley gym

This means that if you are following a full body program, for example, with squats, chin-ups, bench press and lunges then you could quite easily perform this style of session down at the beach with minimal apparatus. This way you are still practising those movements and getting a great workout. This will be very beneficial as hopefully, you can then get into the gym in the 2-5 days to perform a loaded variation of this program, which will then be far more likely to have progressed  (since the last gym session) due to the fact that you have practised these movement patterns. Simply bump up the reps for the Squats and perhaps jump or hold the bottom position to add intensity, perform a Push up instead of a Bench Press and try walking lunges in the soft sand instead of a normal lunge. Chin Ups can be swapped for a superman if you know how or find a rock with some weight to it and perform overhead soccer throws with straight arms to hit the lats!

The fact is sometimes we all need a break from our current program and getting out and performing a variation can do wonders for the body and the mind. Re-energising your motivation and focus is important, and hopefully, on facing the next gym session you will feel renewed vigour and energy to really hit the gym and make progress with your fitness gains. Say you do hit the gym and your squats are up and you do an extra 2 chin-ups well right there you yourself have created positive feedback in a world swamped with criticism…. you solely have created your own positive reinforcement and are left with feelings of self-accomplishment, confidence, and positivity! When you focus on performance and not the scales then this is how you can feel upon each session!  Who wouldn’t want that?

So next time you’re stuck for ideas,  will you take hold of your fitness? Perhaps you won’t and be left with feelings of guilt, shame, and anxiousness…. Or perhaps you will cease the moment! Perhaps your visiting the beach with the kids or perhaps  you only have 20 minutes after visiting a friend close by and decide to get to the beach and exercise your inner animal and feel the freedom of no constraints for 20 minutes of your day!… You perhaps will make it happen and manage ‘something instead of nothing’ and feel Empowered, Alive and Free!

This friends is living in the moment and this is what I and Viva  mean by ‘Making it Happen’!

Yours in life and making it happen!



I am here to tell you a story about how this program changed my life – and why you should let it change yours also.

I came to the gym, I did my thing

I wasn’t unhappy.

But I wasn’t motivated either.

I was lacking something. I needed a goal – a challenge.

So, I signed up for the 12-week program (then called the PBT – now called the Ultimate Body Blitz)

I  gave myself a goal – I wanted a nice butt and a bikini ready body.

And I was going to reward for myself –  a professional photo shoot at the end.

I VIVIDLY remember that feeling after finishing the photo shoot.

I came running into the house to show Dion the photo that the photographer had printed off for me to take home straight away .. I could not believe what I looked like!!  It felt amazing.

I’ve said this before…

There is no better feeling, then the feeling of reaching a goal you set yourself… (that seemed out of reach) .. it was like a drug.

So I had an addiction .. and I wanted to feel this way again.

If I could do that what else can I do?

So in 2008 I made the decision to compete in the INBA women’s figure body building competition.

This was a bit longer than 12 weeks, closer to 12 months, but the same rules applied .. a goal, a reward, and a plan.

After Winning the INBA national title – that same amazing feeling was back… I’d had another hit!

I thought I was over it – thought I could focus on other things in my life.

Dion and I bought our family home,

We got married on a Fijian island,

And we created 2 of the most adorable boys you will ever meet!

(And not necessarily in that order… )

The addiction I had now – was taking baby photos, drinking wine and learning how to drive a car with no sleep.

I wasn’t at the gym. I had no time.

I was busy,  Running a florist, controlling two kids, trying to look after a husband, keep a clean house, pay bills blah blah blah …

By the time I managed to get everyone fed, dressed & out of the house, I would get through half a day – if I’m lucky – at work with 2 kids.. Where I was breastfeeding one kid, while the other one was pulling stock off the shelves … not to mention trying to do flower deliveries with 2 kids in the car…

Then we would get home, I would argue with Jax over what he is going to eat, clean up the 3 x 3-meter mess he makes after eating, and then I would need to cook something awesome for dinner for my darling husband.

All the while, hanging out the 18th load of washing that day and cleaning up dirty nappies ..baby vomit .. doing dishes .

Then if I’m lucky – I can shower… maybe sleep before having to feed Jonas again…

Yeah – I had no time.

And I know I was not alone – there are plenty of us who can relate to this….

But I was ok – I was still getting some exercise in.

Vacuuming .. that’s exercise.

Jonas weighed 10 kilos – that was weight lifting.

Hanging out the washing for an hour – was like 20 should presses…

So yeah – I was working out still…

Wasn’t I?

Then one day I stopped and looked in the mirror.

I remember looking at myself and was genuinely shocked.

What happened?

I know – I know …

I have 2 wonderful kids, a healthy family, a lovely home … I am very blessed.   But …  I felt miserable with the way I looked.

I had become unhappy, angry, tired .. I was diagnosed postnatal.

SO ..  It was time to change. Somethings HAD TO change.

I needed a goal .. I needed something for me .. My addiction was back.

Coincidently, one afternoon not too long after this. Dion calls me.
He mentions that he had heard about INBA running a new division, a “Bikini Momma” division – for mums who have had kids and want to get back on stage.

The hint was subtle I know….

After I hung up on him,
I sent him an email.

“Honey, Let’s do it. I’m in”.
Signed, your wife, Miss Bikini Momma 2013″

Jonas was 3  months old – I had exactly 12 weeks.

But I was already there .. I had already decided. Because I already believed it.


A Goal, An End Game, and a Plan.

So what tools did I need?? There was 5.

    My reason – A photo of me on stage in 2008 – to remind me how it felt to achieve a goal… my addiction
    To monitor my progress – measurements, weights, maltron testing. As you see your body change, both on paper and in your clothes, this motivates you to go harder.
    a hubby/partner/friend to support you – YOU HAVE TO HAVE FUN.  6am body attack IS FUN! Some of my closest friends are from training at VIVA, they all play a part in my training, and are now important parts of my life.
    Register and go to them – allow yourself to be inspired.
    You can and will learn so much more, stay focused & be educated!
    Not only are these guys the answers to my last 4 tips,  but they know all the answers to! Everything from nutrition, helping you set goals, to holding you accountable to your goals, to motivating you throughout your training to reach your goals. And YES they will always make training enjoyable!
    They understand.

So – It was 12 weeks – all I needed was a half hour a day – can I manage this? With a business, kids, husband, household duties?

It would be a struggle. Was Is it worth it?

The time, The money, The effort ..?

Am I worth it?



And so are you.

I remember being on stage with 10 other mums, sizing them up, looking at the judges, wondering how I look, wondering what they are thinking, wondering how I will place….

And then I hear my 2-year-old son in the audience somewhere, cheering me on.

And I realized – that I actually didn’t care where I placed –

I had done it.

I was looking great, I was feeling great, I was no longer depressed & I was inspiring my children and others.

I had done it.














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