My wife has asked me to start a blog for the guys (as she has the woman covered) so I wanted to touch on something that I get often… ‘The man I got a gut’ comment. This is also known as ‘Dad bod’.

Its true! One day you wake up and say, “Man, I got a gut (Aka Dad Bod), better do something about it”…
You tell someone, maybe cut carbs for a day or two and possibly even do a gym ‘sess’. You are on the up for a day, a week or maybe a month or two…. And then it happens…Life Strikes!

Yep, your new found habit is struck down by a sudden case of ‘life’ and bang, the man in you goes into ‘Mr Fix It’!

It could be that the Missus freaks out and needs help with the kids, or maybe work get’s really busy and needs your attention.  Whatever it is…. the man in you will fix it!

But at a cost! Your youth, your hair, your sex drive and even your health!

I have seen it time and time again (most of my mates are very similiar to my description) but there are some men out there who seem to have it all.

So what can we learn from such men to create healthier habits and be the best men we can be?

The best part is that a little bit goes a long way. So if you are the sort of man who wants to rock his life and perhaps wife for today, tomorrow and beyond then lets start with a little bit and see where it goes!
Dion Mychalyn
Making It Happen

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