In part 1 we developed your weight loss plan ‘roadmap’. This is where we gained clarity about what’s happening this year, as well as introduced strategies such as ‘new month resolutions’ and ‘BAMs’.

Now it’s time to get some healthy habits and add more to our weight loss plan guidelines. 

I have written a heap of articles to help with this subject as well as recipes and meal plans, shopping lists and more (a lot of these can be found in Viva Blogs).
Please, however, use the many recipe ideas, meal plans and educational articles at as this is a free service for all viva members. Check it out now or email us at for assistance. 

But right now, these are the most common tips we are discussing with our members weight loss plan is below. 

5 tips when developing your weight loss plan

1- Plan

Have weekly nutrition plan and stick to it. There is no way around it. To be in shape you must plan for it. As legendary navy seal Jocko Willnick’s book states ‘discipline equals freedom’. “We all want financial freedom to do the things we want but most don’t budget. We all want to look and feel good but most don’t do the fitness routine and eat the right way day in and day out. This is not motivation, that’s a sham. This is discipline. Discipline equals freedom”. 

I love the simplicity and the accountability he places on us, and totally agree. Anotherquote I have lived by since starting in this industry 20 years ago is “if it’s going to be, its up to me”

So if you want to look good, develop the discipline to plan and act on that plan week in and out in 2019. Period. 

2- Keep a diary

This could even be a photo diary on your phone. This is a way to record everything you eat to be able to see patterns of eating behaviour. Two patterns we see often are emotional eating (learn more here) and over eating. 

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “I eat well but I’m not losing weight”, I’d be rich. So here’s the plan if that’s you:• Write down what you eat and you will be amazed to see the little extras and refined sugars that creep in your diet. • If you don’t see change after 3-4 weeks simply by being conscious of healthier decisions, then measure portion size because it could be a case of over eating, which brings us to our third point;

3 – Portions

Most of us don’t know how much they should be eating. And therefore knowing your portion size will go along way. Again we like to use precision nutrition food calculator here this is a great tool to use and follow.

Check out the link for more details. Make sure you have logged in to first. 

In short here it is: 

These suggestions are for each meal and we would try to eat every 3 to 5 hours pending on your goal. If it is fat loss three meals plus a post training meal would suffice, drawing out your meals to every 4 to 5 hours. When eating as described below you will find that you will feel fuller for longer as these foods provide satiety. 

Protein– for instance; egg, organic dairy, organic white meat, grass fed red meat, fish 

Men- 2 palms

Woman- 1 palm

Eat 3 types of proteins a day, it’s important to add variety to get all the proteins available for your body.

Fats– avocado, olive oil (coconut oil, grapeseed oil, walnut oil), seeds, fatty fish like tuna, snapper and salmon.

2 thumbs each

Nutrient dense carbohydrate– for instance sweet corn, butternut, sweet potato, carrots, steel cut oats

Men- 1 handful

Woman- 1/ 2 handful

Veggies- all the good stuff, eat the colours of rainbow daily, 2 fists each!

More here

4 – Education

Education is knowledge. Knowledge enables us to make informed decision i.e. you are able to weigh up the pros against the cons toward your desired outcome. Therefore “knowledge is power”,

Here are some great articles to put into action for you. This month try simply doing one thing, or perhaps two things per week and create habits by Easter. I will give you a list now to keep on this band wagon!

Shopping list-

What body type and what to eat-


5 – Drop cheat meals

Firstly, if you are approaching this to see yourself in better shape within a certain timeframe, cheat meals to need to be removed. If this is a longer plan for you, allowing yourself an occasional cheat meal is okay, however, we can choose better options to keep us on track without the guilt and ensure we continue to feel good. I have lots of these and they’re fun. This is where we start to use healthier options of so called ‘bad’ meals.
In our next article we will discuss re-feed days. And our favourite meals. However if you want an expert opiunion this article here goes in depth of a better approach to ‘re fuelling’ your body every 4 days.

Thanks guys and as always check out what’s happening at the club!

Make it happen

Dion Mychalyn

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