We’re Hiring- An experienced ‘Fitness Professional’ in personal training and customer service

We aim to ‘Change Lives and Make it Happen’!

Do you think that’s you?

Maybe you could make people smile from reception?

Perhaps you have enthusiasm to share and motivate others?

Maybe you just want to help people be healthier and happier?

We have had an experienced trainer leave us to pursue other career options after 12 years with Viva. Although saddened by this, we are excited by the new opportunity.

We are after a trainer who would like to help others, coach others and lead groups. The position could also have extra responsibilities in ‘frontline and customer service’, should the candidate be appropriate.

There is a solid 25 hours work to start with Now.

So if you are detemined to grow, learn and develop, then lets change lives together.

Please contact me below with why you are the person to join the Viva Family.

Make it happen!


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